Firm Revs up Investment in Electronic Security, Launches New Store 


Security Solutions Provider, Hamgad Security Services, has boosted investment in modern and electronic security to tackle  myriad security challenges in the country.
The company which launched a state-of-the-art store consisting of security, surveillance and safety sections, to mark its sixth anniversary disclosed that its latest move was to complement federal government’s efforts at arresting the scourge of insecurity in Nigeria.
While also harping on the need for individual protection, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Hammed Ibrahim stated that the mission of the company was to make the country a safe place for both Nigerians and foreigners, to be the destination for high-end security and safety, and to provide immediate solutions to the average Nigerian to feel safe.
“We all understand that security is a major drawback in Nigeria and that created a vacuum for us to come in and solve the problem which was why we launched out with equipment sales. We are planning on diversifying security to capture the entire market space in Nigeria,” he said.
He advised that the present state of the country was one that required an upgrade to battery and technological-powered safety equipment rather than depending solely on manpower.

He said: “Technology has so advanced that one can personally protect oneself even without hiring a security guard; one can get to monitor one’s home or office from a distance.  One can get to open the  door via a mobile phone and even  in  an emergency situation,  one can be sure of getting details of an occurrence  by planting equipment at strategic points without visiting the venue.  This is the kind of solution the country needs at the moment which is what we are investing in.”
Speaking on operational challenges, he said, “We have been in business for six years but the story is not all good. The unfriendly business environment has posed a lot of threats to our operations; however, our determination to make Nigeria a safe place for locals and foreigners has kept us going. As much as Nigerians are trying to adapt to this innovation, they can actually do better because many people are yet to come to the reality of using technology to combat security breaches.”

As part of the expansion plans, the CEO explained that the firm which presently runs its sales department would be diversifying into services and alarm centre soonest.
“Our next phase of action is to get the service department operational. This will cover manpower security like security guards, security drivers, event security, etc. The alarm centre will handle the technical fields where we can monitor equipment remotely and attend to other technical issues.
“We are also strengthening our presence in the country. We are expanding our store in Lagos and plans are underway to open our Abuja and Port Harcourt offices,” he added.