It is not only boys that are not smiling, a reminder of that lingo made popular by a Nigerian rapper; some acclaimed millionaires can’t even afford a smile, as much as they can’t afford a good sleep. This is the lot of Prince Adetunji Ogunwusi, the elder brother of Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Ogunwusi. Some years back, when defaulting on bank loans did not occasion countless sleepless nights, the property mogul got a multi-million naira loan from Skye Bank through his company, Prime Waterview. The economy was still buoyant and nothing in the forecast showed that the business he invested the money in would tank atrociously. Well, it did.

And his over N500million went down the drain. Adetunji has been cliffhanging since. While it may be true that the tiger never loses its spots whatever odds the jungle may throw at it, Adetunji loses his claims to affluence and membership of the millionaire’s club like a tiger losing its spots to the jungle odds.

Despite his chronic indebtedness and precarious financial situation, he fights a desperate battle to save his royal reputation. He would have people believe that he could never lose his affluence or fade into irrelevance simply because he has financial troubles and a little trouble with his bank.

Predictably, his bankers are angry with him. They are in court with him over the debt. But wait a minute, would the ensuing drama end well for the Ife Prince? Not totally, Sir! As you read news of his descent has become gossip across high society circuits, cubicles and boardrooms of his creditors cum bankers.