Top businessman, Kayode Odukoya, the head honcho of First Nation, has categorically denied all the charges of fraud and stealing preferred by EFCC against him and his company based on the petition by Skye Bank Plc.

According to a letter available to HighLife, “The charges are bogus and without basis and targeted to impugn our integrity and we will vigorously defend ourselves in court. As the matter is subjudice we are unable to discuss any further details but we wish to clarify and correct malicious misrepresentations made against us to the media.

Although the charge was filed as far back as December 11th 2017, the EFCC did not inform either Mr Odukoya or First Nation of its existence even though First Nation and Mr. Odukoya in good faith visited EFCC offices on December 16th 2017, February 6th and March 13th 2018. At the same time, the wrong impression was being created in court, that Mr. Odukoya was avoiding arraignment.

First Nation only learnt of the charges through social media on March 9th 2018. On becoming aware of the charges through the social media, Mr Kayode Odukoya voluntarily visited the EFCC on March 13th 2018 at 10 am and was subsequently detained despite the fact that he was already on administrative bail. Given the fact that the charge had already been filed, he should then have been immediately served with same to allow him effectively defend the action. Instead, Mr. Odukoya was only served with the charge on Thursday March 16th and arraigned on Friday, March 17, 2018, well outside the 48 hours required by law.

It is instructive that we clarify that First Nation do NOT owe any other banking institution (local or abroad) and dispute in good faith any indebtedness to Skye Bank Plc. We will vigorously defend our innocence with respect to the charges and are confident that we will obtain justice from the court.