Okhue Iboi: Spirits of Nigeria’s Founding Fathers Unhappy over Insecurity


By Godwin Ifijeh

A s a seer and trado-medical practitioner, High Chief (Dr.) Okhue Iboi, a former member of the Edo State Traditional Medicine Council, is widely travelled. In the course of his career as a Seer, Herbalist and Trado-Medical Practitioner, Dr. Iboi has travelled extensively across African countries, including Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Togo, Republic of Benin, Ethiopia and South Africa, among others. He has also been to India on a cross-cultural exchange programme.
However, Iboi, a high-chief from Wepa-Weno Kingdom in Edo State, is today highly worried about the present state of things in Nigeria. On returning from a recent meeting of the Worldwide Association of Seers (WAS) in Oghara, Delta State, Iboi said a lot of things, concerning Nigeria were revealed to members of the association at the New Year meeting in Oghara.
Nigeria, he said, is a nation loved and favoured by God, but her founding fathers, according to him, are not happy over recent happenings in the country, especially the utter disregard for human life and mindless killings in Benue, Taraba, Plateau, Zamfara and other places.
“In our crystal ball, some of the nation’s nationalists, including late Sir Ahmadu Bello, Chief Obefemi Awolowo and Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe appeared to us and expressed their anger over the nation’s state of affairs. They told us that they were not happy about the blood of the innocent now being spilled almost on daily basis across the country, enjoining us to convey their feelings to President Muhammadu Buhari and urge him to earnestly do something to stop the ugly trend,” the herbalist/cum seer said, regretting, however, that they have been unable to deliver the message to Aso Rick since they returned from the meeting.
“Since we came back from the Oghara meeting, we have tried unsuccessfully to deliver the message to President Buhari in Aso Rock, and that exactly is why I have now been mandated to reach out through the media with the message to the President,” he further stated, urging President Buhari to take with all seriousness the message from the nation’s founding fathers, stressing that the late founding nationalists warned of great consequences for the President and others if they failed to stem the rampant killings by herdsmen and others in the country.
He dismissed suggestions of any possible breakup of the country, saying: “Nigeria is not going to break. Although we saw the country in crisis and confusion in our crystal ball, but we hadn’t any revelation that it will breakup, it will always remain as one entity, those predicting the breakup of the country are fake and playing on the intelligence of those in authority to draw attention to themselves and possibly have their ears”
Dr. Iboi said, like every other elections we have had in the past, the 2019 elections would come and go peacefully but urged the country’s two leading parties, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and People Democratic Party (PDP) to put their houses in order, stressing that the Olusegun Obasanjo’s floated Coalition Movement for Nigeria would not only transform into a political party but would pose serious challenge to the two parties as it is one to be watched out for in the 2019 elections.

“We saw many APC and PDP members at all levels across the country moving into the new movement, the group could turn out to be unstoppable, APC should quickly move to settle its internal wrangling amicably, otherwise, the party would suffer a setback which may see many of its members cross over to either the rival PDP or the Coalition Movement. Things do not look too good for the PDP either, it would need as well to immediately reconcile its warring factions; otherwise, some of its bigwigs would leave also.
“In fact, the party specifically needs to handle the issue of Senator Buruji Kashamu carefully, he was revealed to us as a big asset to it and a bigwig in Nigeria politics that cannot be easily wished away; he is seen to be ready to spring surprises in the 2019 election in any party he is. PDP should not toy with him, if they want to bounce back in 2019; he knows when to spring a surprise and how to go about it. He is a man destined to be a leader of men, and we saw a big crowd surging around, and following him, we saw Kashamu, playing a big role in the affairs of the nation in the nearest future with prayers and God helping him”, Iboi revealed.

He urged President Buhari and the Federal Government to immediately commence the implementation of some of the promises made to the people of Niger Delta at the height of the pipeline vandalism crisis about two years ago.
“We saw Niger-Delta boiling again, we saw a lot of people running helter-skelter, it was a war-like situation, and there were bombings, just as guns boomed and to avert this, we were told that the Federal Government should fulfill its promises to the people by embarking on projects that will transform their lives, not to do this could be unpalatable. As revealed to us, the Federal Government is being perceived to have reneged on the promises made to the people at the height of the bombing of oil pipelines by the militants,” Iboi said, calling on spiritual leaders, Christians, Muslims and Traditionalists to come together with joint spiritual measures, including fasting and prayers to get God to intervene and foster peace in the nation as opposed to military actions and blood spilling.