Dexa Medica Donates Stimuno Products to Ehere Community to Boost their Immune System


Martins Ifijeh

Major Pain killer Company, Dexa Medica makers of Boska, in partnership with CHI pharmaceutical recently conducted one of its Pain Free Day Initiative, introducing Stimunobrand to Ehere community in Aba to help consumers boost their body immune system.

The Pain Free Day event was attended by over a thousand people from the communities as attendees were educated on the benefits of having a strong body immune system.

Speaking at the event, the Brand Executive, Dexa Medica said, “this edition is specially designed to introduce Stimuno brand to consumers so that they can strengthen their immune system and avoid unnecessary breakdown. The brand works in all cases whether in sicknesses (for exampleimmuno suppression, adjunct in hepatitis treatment, adjunct in HIV treatment, cancer, tuberculosis and other infections) or health.”

“From qualitative findings, we observed that consumers are faced with a lot of health challenges ranging from stress, recurrent infections such as frequent malaria attacks, Diabetes,Hypertension, Kidney stone, Liver damage, immuno-compromised disease such as HIV, Tuberculosis that could be treated with Stimuno.”

The community members were given the opportunity to see health experts who provided full range of health services free. Free eye glasses were also given to those in need, while drugs were prescribed to treat eye, ear and nose defects, among others.

Besides rendering free health services, the team also leveraged the opportunity to educate consumers on how to live stress-free while at their various duties.