No Movement for Eagles in March FIFA Rankings


Due largely to the inactivity that pervaded the month under review, Nigeria remained in the 52nd spot in the latest FIFA rankings for the month of March released yesterday.

Super Eagles also remained seventh in the African rankings behind Tunisia (23), Senegal (27), DR Congo (39), Morocco (42), Egypt (44) and Cameroon (51).

Interestingly, Poland, the Eastern European nation Eagles are playing in a warm up game at the 43,000-capacity Stadium Wroclaw next Friday, moved up sixth place in the ratings. The poles are just a spot shy of their best-ever position in the FIFA rankings.

Serbia, the other country Nigeria is to play four days after Poland at the Hive in London, also remain stagnant in the 34th spot they occupied in last month rating.

There were no movements for Nigeria’s group rivals at the World Cup in Russia, Argentina (4), Croatia (15) and Iceland (18).

At the top of the world rankings, Germany remains unshaken with Brazil, Portugal, Argentina and Belgium maintaining their hold in the Top Five. Only Poland moved one step up to sixth with Spain, Switzerland, France and Chile competing the Top 10 rankings.

The next FIFA Coca-Cola rankings come up April 12, 2018.


1. Tunisia (23)

2. Senegal (27)

3. DR Congo (39)

4. Morocco (42)

5. Egypt (44)

6. Cameroon (51)

7. Nigeria (52)

8. Ghana (54)

9. Burkina Faso (56)

10. Algeria (60)

*Global rankings in bracket