On Ex-diasporian, Gbola Oba’s Mission to Build


Before relocating from his abode in London to Nigeria some years back, Gbola Oba was a famous face on UK-based BEN TV on which he gave in-depth analyses of social-economic and political situations in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

And through his vast network, he also engaged notable names in the affairs of Africa in several interviews which brought so much delight to Nigerians and other Africans in diaspora.

Amongst those interviewed by Oba then were the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa and now deceased first black woman to win the prestigious global prize, Prof. Wangari Maathu Maathai of Kenya, and many political and business leaders from Nigeria and other countries on the continent.

Oba’s primary mission has always been to help in building the minds and capacities of the people through knowledge and skill acquisition.

By this penchant, he brought innovations in solving automobile problems in Nigeria through a joint-company, Automedics. Through this, many young Nigerians have been given adequate trainings on auto-mechanics and answers were offered to Nigerians on the problems associated with their vehicles on radio, TV and newspaper column all tagged Automedics.

Now, Oba has found a new ground which is to offer solution to housing challenges in Nigeria. He, with a group of returnees and diasporans with whom he recently opened a cutting-edge building and construction training institute in Lagos, Nigeria, just registered a construction facilitation and training company in Dubai, UAE to deepen the capacity of building technicians in Nigeria and ensure integrity of houses in Nigeria against regular collapses.

Sometime in March, Oba, along with some recognisable Nigerians like the CEO of WFM, Toun Sonaya, and GMs Lagos State Development and Property Corporation-LSDPC and Ogun State Property Investments Corporation, OPIC, will be engaging with schools and institutions in the UK on ways of transferring latest skills in building to Nigeria. And they will also be speaking to a wide range of Nigerian professionals in the UK on how best to explore opportunities and how their expertise can be deployed to the benefits of their home-country.