We  Won’t Join Issues with  Impostors, Says  PMAN President 


President of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN), Gbenga Falope Jnr has given a marching order to his media team not to engage in any form of media war with someone who has been parading himself as factional president of the artistes’ body.

In a statement personally signed by the new president on Wednesday in Lagos, Falope Jnr was quoted as saying: “There is this popular saying; “don’t ever wrestle with a pig, you will both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it”. Against this background, I am asking all PMAN members, including my media team, not to engage in any form of media war with a character called (name withheld) because he wants to derail the good work we have started at PMAN. He is toy soldier, a self-acclaimed commander without an army, so let him continue to delude himself. When we are ready, we will take him on, but at the moment, we are focused on rebuilding a PMAN he and his likes destroyed over the years.”

On how he plans to reconcile aggrieved PMAN members, Falope Jnr has this to say: “I am a peace-loving person and as such, I will do my best to bring everybody together, most especially those that are genuinely aggrieved.

“I say genuinely aggrieved because some others are pointlessly running from pillar to post for their selfish interests and because they are not given an opportunity to operate and run the union illegally. We are governed by the laws of our land and these laws must be obeyed to the fullest. These people will be given the chance to come on board and play their role as members in the lifting of our great union, if they really have the interest of the union at heart. We have a judgment from the Industrial Court reaffirming our legitimacy and we cannot derail from the order for any reason. The judgment of the Industrial Court is public document, so let those fooling themselves continue to do so.”

The new PMAN president said he and his team remain focused in the face of saboteurs. “We are focused to revive PMAN and shall not join issues or play to the gallery with anyone. Our constitution is sacrosanct and the law knows what to do in times like this for the judiciary has spoken and it is taking its due course.

We are not unaware of saboteurs who have fed large on PMAN crisis and thus want the crisis to continue so they can eat but we are determined in our pursuit of a focused, one united crisis free PMAN.

“All law abiding Nigerians and Nigerian musicians know their authentic PMAN is not a bunch of criminals parading in Lagos without knowing anyone in the state chapters or respecting our elders and stakeholders. 

We shall return the glory of PMAN. 

With your support and the mandate given to us by all Nigerian musicians irrespective of your location, be you a past, present or future superstar or just a star in your little community, we shall deliver. PMAN is a national body and we are your national servants, let’s focus on the big picture.”