ANN Welcomes Durotoye, Calls on More Professionals to Join Party


The Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), one of the newly registered political parties, has welcomed to the party, leadership coach and corporate trainer, Mr. Fela Durotoye.

Durotoye joined the party in a ceremony at the temporary secretariat of the party in Lagos State last week.

The party also stated that it welcomes more professionals and technocrats with or without political ambitions to join the party.

Speaking with journalists in Lagos, the protem State Coordinator of the party, Onome Ojigbo, said the party was glad to receive Durotoye to its fold adding that with his pedigree and contributions to the socio-political discourse in the country, Durotoye was no doubt a positive addition to the party.

“We are glad to receive him and I told him this when he came to pick his membership form last week,” Onome explained. “Durotoye falls perfectly into the category of those we wanted in ANN right from the world go. He is a professional and a technocrat and therefore, he has become a ‘technotician’ which is our core philosophy. The coming on board of someone like him means our message is gaining traction and resonating well with professionals and technocrats in the country.”

Onome added that going by the core ideology of the party, a level playing ground would be created for Durotoye and other aspirants at different levels to ensure that the right and most popular aspirants emerges from the party’s primaries.

“We are doing things differently and that is why anyone joining the party, like Durotoye, does not need any godfather to get the party’s ticket. He or she will be chosen by members of the party through our

conventions. And that is why I am calling on anyone who has ambition to run for any office or not to feel free to join the party,” Ojigbo explained.

On insinuations that ANN might have adopted Durotoye as its presidential candidate, Ojigbo dismissed such talks; saying that nothing could be farther from the truth.

“We don’t have a candidate yet and even Durotoye himself knows that.

He is a team player who believes in processes,” Ojigbo added.