Yes, Eyimofe Atake is simply charming. At 60, he projects even greater charm. He ducks your compliments, absorbs your indelicate questions, jabs back with interest in you and never appears tired of the exchange: he is the middleweight champion of charm. His best punch however, is his wry self-awareness. Arguably one of the most visible personalities in the social milieu in the last two decades. Eyimofe who turns 60 last Tuesday, has no doubt established himself as a Nigerian worthy of note in contemporary Nigeria.

However, neither words nor symphonies, nor a thousand epigrams will do in describing Eyimofe’s joy as he clocks 60. Eyimofe, unlike many, betrays no regret as he ascends in age. Thus his decision to celebrate his 60th anniversary like no other. According to him, “I am 60 years today. Wow!!! That is how you jump for joy and praise the Lord when you are 60 years old and still fit, agile, sprightly, lively, in good shape and health. One jumps high up in the air thanking God for his compassion, kindness, understanding and benevolence. For that reason, I share wholly what Yoko Ono stated: “when I turned 60, it didn’t bother me at all”. Why Yoko? Because in my case, like an older fiddle, my tune is still spectacular, razor-sharp and marvelous. Sing praises to the Lord for me!!! Born on February 20, 1958, he went to St. Saviours, Ikoyi, Government College, Warri, Delta State, Copford College, Colchester, England,

The London School of Economics & Political Science, England. Then to the University of Cambridge, also known as Cambridge University in England, where he bagged his doctorate. Dr Eyimofe had bagged his LLB at 21, he was a counsel at 29 & had gotten the SAN by 41. He set up his chamber in 1987 making it 31 years ago now, after a year stint at the GOK Ajayi Chamber.

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