Emerald Home Boss, Oludotun Oseni, Delights


Oludotun Oseni, CEO, Emerald Homes, is young and vivacious. Wherever you find him, he exudes warmth and an infectious humanness.
Very brilliant, he comes across as a restless spirit. He likes to set a target for himself always. And once he sets his mind on a project, he pursues it with all his God-given talent. These are some of the compliments that people who have encountered him are wont to say about him.

Over the years, the property developer and brain behind Merit Abode has been able to make a lasting statement with his ingenuity in the industry. His sole objective is to redefine the housing and real estate industry in Nigeria and he is gradually achieving his dreams.
In a chat with Spy Glass, he said: “My drive is to provide shelter to as many people as possible. I also believe that confidence and integrity are key to patronage from existing and prospective buyers who will always want a value for their money.”
When he started the business six years ago, many did not give him any chance of survival.  He started on a shoestring budget, but he never entombed his dream. With the support of his lovely wife, they staked their life-savings to start the business.

In the past years, he has successfully handled and delivered several housing estates across the landscape; hence, he has his imprint on such estates as…
Interestingly, Oseni, at the weekend, organised a Love and Investment Valentine’s Dinner Party at the popular Excel Centre, Ikeja, Lagos, where the audience was taken on the benefits of investing in real estate by notable personalities, including Dr. Ambrose Somide, Managing Director, DAAR Communication.
In attendance at the event were three of Merit Abode’s ambassadors, actors Yemi Solade, Prince JIde Kosoko, and ace broadcaster, Taiwo Akinsola
One of the highlights of the event was a performance by ace gospel singer, Tope Alabi.