Forever Recognises Business Owners at Lagos Success Day


As the management of Forever Living Products Nigeria continues to make waves, sourcing business owners from the youth of society, it uses platforms like the Lagos Success Day, for the impact. It was a platform that provided opportunities to bring joy to beneficiaries of earned incentives based on company approved plan.

Announcements of move-ups, recognitions and decorations were made. Those business owners who have qualified for cars incentives tagged “Forever2Drive” received them at the events. Again, there were trainings and unveiling of new products.

The venue for the event was jam packed, not only by Forever Business Owners, many of whom had come with their teams but also by others who had come to hear about the products they had used or would want to participate in the greatest money making business of this generation.

This is heralding the landmark Forever 40 Years Anniversary of Forever Living Products International, #FGR18 (Forever Comes Home), holding in Dallas, Texas, USA, 22 – 30 April, 2018 and another, #EMR18 (Forever Comes Home) Eagle Manager Retreat, Phoenix, October 07 – 13, 2018.

Speaking after the event in Lagos, Africa’s First Double Diamond Manager, Mr. John Ekperigin, commended the organisers, particularly the Country Sales Manager, Mr. Daniel Ikechukwu, whom he described as a young man who is full of energy and ideas. According to him, “Daniel is intelligent, focused and a businessman to the core.” Ekperigin described the last Lagos Success Day, as one of the best organised events he had witnessed since joining the company.

“Forever Nigeria has done so much for this country in its 18 years. Nigerians are hardworking people, yet in all their struggles, they are never well compensated; however in Forever, you know what you are worth, people are compensated. The young, middle aged and old people who do the business are celebrated and their successes recognised and acknowledged for all to see. Business Owners work hard every day and this reflects in their monthly income which sometimes runs into millions of Naira.

“As we speak, I am driving my fifth brand new car – a Toyota Hilux, courtesy of Forever Living Products. We usually get some of the best cars around. This incentive is not only for people like me, they are for all FBOs who qualify. Today, I have more than 350 Forever Business Owners, from my team who have benefited from the Car Incentives. Few weeks from now, our people are going on an all-expenses paid trip to Dallas, Texas, USA, to celebrate 40 years of Forever International. When they go, they will bring back millions of Naira in the form of the Chairman’s Bonus. In Dallas, Nigerian FOBs will be celebrating with others from over 180 countries across the world on the founding of Forever by Mr. Rex Maughan, a man of vision and great wisdom, whom God had used to bless mankind.

“I use Forever Living products and I get healthy. Even the scriptures say so. In the Third Epistle of John vs 2, it says: ‘Behold I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in good health, just as your soul prospers’. So, God wants us to prosper and be in good health. Yet you discover that nothing that we eat today contains natural nutrition. Anti-oxidants are no more in the food of today, so you need supplements to provide these nutrients that are absent from these foods.

“The world is moving too fast that world economies and individuals welfare are challenged. Our daily lives are affected by whatever we do. The tension that exists today, particularly in an environment like Nigeria, affects the people. This has resulted in the increased cases of cardiovascular diseases. You see people dropping dead as a result of heart failure. And, Forever has some of the best known supplements to take care of the heart to prevent heart diseases. So, if you want to be healthy, the products are there. Everybody needs good health and good business.”

The Country Sales Manager Mr. Daniel Ikechukwu, used the opportunity to remind all business owners the fact that 2018 has once again presented to all a blank cheque, adding, “It is left for each of us to fill in the amount that we desire or to paint the picture of the future we desire.”