CIS Advises on Strategies to Acquire Specialised Qualifications



Determined to grow the membership base as part of its on-going globalisation programme, the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS) and its student members have dialogued on the strategy to acquire the Institute’s certification.
Under the new regime, the CIS has opened three windows of certification by way of Diploma Programme, Specialised Certification and Omnibus Certification.

As its March Professional Examination is approaching, CIS organised stakeholders forum to address growing concern on difficulties faced by
many student members in passing relevant examinations to acquire the Institute’s certification.
Speaking at the forum, a consultant to the institute on professional examination, Mr. Ade Omolehinwa explained that many students do not make adequate preparation for examination.

According to him, factors such as shallow knowledge of required concepts, failure to study the examination manual, poor techniques of answering questions and illegible handwriting among others have largely contributed to poor performance of students during professional examinations.

Speaking in the same way, another consultant and associate professor of Finance, Lagos State University, Dr. Akin Onafalujo noted that
students should identify the net asset value (NAV)of a professional examination before embarking on it in order to enhance its utmost dedication.

Onafalujo advised student members who do not have quantitative background to acquire more knowledge of calculation before writing the CIS’ professional examination aside from ensuring enough time for preparation as syllabus of such examinations are extensive.

The Chairman, Pass Associate Limited, Dr. John Osuoha, who spoke extensively on the need for self-discipline on the part of the student members identified various techniques including studying past
questions, leveraging on group discussion, time management and punctuality at the examination center as part of the strategy for successful performance in any examination.

Speaking on the benefits of CIS’ Professional Certification, the Chief Executive Officer, Stary Gold Academy, Mr. Tayo Stephen explained that apart from operating as a stockbroker, there are other ample investment opportunities in the financial markets saying that the primary benefit is the opportunity for self- employment even without
The Institute’s Head of Education and Training, Mr. Chukwudi Nga announced the new certification model called Specialised Professional

Certification (SPC) which provides an opportunity for specialising in some areas of finance and investment.
Nga explained that the SPC, which is in line with global trends, covers commodity trading and derivatives, equities dealing, share registration and custodianship services, investment management and financial advisory.
According to him, the new certifications which commence in March this year, the examination shall run concurrently with the Institute’s current professional examinations which hold in March and September annually.