Ref Ovrebo Opens Up on Chelsea/Barca 2009 Controversial Match Decisions 

The referee of Chelsea-Barсa (2009) Tom Henning Ovrebo, has reflected on one of the most controversial matches in the history of the Champions League.
The 51 years old now lives peacefully in the Norwegian capital since that controversial match about nine years alone
. His name went down in the history of the Champions League after the refereeing of the second match of the semifinals of the 08-09 season, after Barca and Chelsea had tied 0-0 at the Camp Nou. In Stamford Bridge English team ended up asking up to four clear penalties, according to their point of view.
“I do not work anymore as a referee of any sort, although when my colleagues need some advice, especially from the mental point of view, I try to help them. But I do not participate on a daily basis.”
On whether he was proud of referreing in that infamous match, Ovrebo said: “Not at all. It was not my best day, really. But those mistakes can be committed by a referee … and sometimes a player or a coach. You may not have that day the level you should have. But no, I can not be proud of that day.
There were several mistakes and everyone will have their opinion of those plays. But, I insist, the players and the coaches also fail, and nothing happens. I am proud of having had a long career and having been in the European elite for a while, and among the best in my country at least. That’s why you can not remember my career just for that game, although some people, like you, do it … unfortunately.
Answering if his refereeing was ‘the most scandalous in the history of the Champions’, he said:
“It could be, I do not know. I can not change the opinion of the people. But it would be interesting to ask the fans of Real Madrid, for example, that if it had been in favor of their team, instead of Barca, would they have the same opinion of me?”
Also Ovrebo claims he did not consider retiring after the Stamford Bridge game.
“No, not at all, although I think that party influenced my career and I lost the respect of many, of course. But I kept refereeing after that, for the record.
“When a player fails, nothing happens. And, therefore, you have to accept the mistakes of a referee. Unfortunately, they happen and football must accept it. It’s what I think, at least.”
The two teams face off tomorrow in same competition at Stamford Bridge and the return leg holds two weeks later in Spain.