Jimoh Ibrahim at 51…The Perennial Guber Hopeful Rocks Dubai


On February 24, Jimoh Ibrahim will clock 51 with mixed feelings. While the loved ones of the controversial businessman rue his misfortunes in the political and business terrains, his detractors blame him for the series of tragic spells he suffered in his race for acclaim and self-actualisation.

Jimoh has been through a lot. Now Jimoh is on a roll. The billionaire magnate floats on an epic blaze of glory even as you read, like the fabled titan whose exploits dwarfs the attainments of peers. Jimoh Ibrahim, who completed two Masters degrees from Oxford and Cambridge Universities decided to globalise his business. To this end, he established an investment bank in Hong Kong to open up business opportunities in the Asian market.

He paid about $47 million to acquire the bank license to operate it. That brings the number of banks in the group to three with one in Ghana and another in Sao Tome. Jimoh also opened a new corporate office in Dubai, last year, to oversee his overseas operations. With his level of investment in Dubai he has been given the status of an Investor.

In Dubai, he owns a five-star hotel and a few commercial properties. He is also big in the real estate business of Dubai. He also owns a lovely mansion in an exclusive area of Dubai where all their super rich citizens live.