To say Hilda Williams, the widower of former Lagos State gubernatorial aspirant, late Engineer Funso Williams, swims in a pool of uncontrollable happiness is to say the least. She is a very happy woman now. Her happiness is not in any way connected to a mega lottery win or linked to the handsome rewards from her daily labour. Hilda’s joy stems from her eventual separation from Nigerian politics. How did we know? She has been telling who cares to listen.

For her, many years after her husband’s demise, the emptiness and inanity of human words must be staring her in the face. At the early stage of the unfortunate incident, many of her late husband’s political and business associates made empty vows and pledges which till tomorrow remains at the realm of promise. They even succeeded in persuading the peaceful light-complexioned woman to join politics, an art reserved for shrewd and sly elements among the human race. One had expected she would read between the lines and refused the Greek gift but she was swayed by the then powerful backing of a PDP chieftain.

She later defected from the party after she could not secure the party’s ticket due to high-wired intrigues that characterised the party primaries, from which Senator Musiliu Obanikoro emerged as the PDP governorship candidate. At her defection ceremony, many pledges were also made to make her relevant in Lagos politics but no sooner had the promise been made than the widow of the late former commissioner of works, was left in the lurch.

Many of her husband’s friends and political associates bragged and bayed that they would always be there for the family come rain or shine. They promised to reduce the sky to a skyscraper accessible by humanity. Today, she has learnt her lesson and has decided to give politicians a very wide berth.