Izunaso: Trouble Awaits APC If Buhari Refuses to Run

Osita Izunaso

Bolaji Adebiyi in Abuja

There would be turmoil in the All Progressives Congress (APC) if President Muhammadu Buhari declines to seek a second term of office, the National Organising Secretary of the party, Senator Osita Izunaso, has warned.

Izunaso spoke to THISDAY Monday and said the political intrigues that would follow the president’s refusal to contest the 2019 presidential election would not only divide the APC but would also smash and cause it to lose the general election.

“It would not be in the interest of the party and Nigeria for President Buhari not to run,” he said firmly, adding: “The consequence would be unimaginable as all the big wigs that have been hibernating would come out and fight to the finish.”
He said the president should, therefore, waste no further time in declaring his intention to run.

According to him, “President Buhari should come out and run. If he declares today that he would run, it would be a popular decision and it would unite the party and galvanise it into action.”
Although the president has not stated clearly his political future, his body language fuels speculations that he intends to make a second bid for the presidency next year.

THISDAY had reported exclusively that Buhari was putting together his campaign machine, reappointing his 2015 campaign director-general, former Rivers State governor Rotimi Amaechi, to lead the fresh charge for 2019.

But as there was no official disclaimer of the report, two former leaders of the country, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, in separate statements, earlier in the year, asked Buhari to step down in 2019, accusing him of underperformance in his three years in the saddle.
The president’s silence on his 2019 move had been feared to cause disquiet in the APC as some ambitious power players in the party might, in their strong push for Buhari’s slot, pull down the house.

Izunaso agreed with this possibility, saying as the national organising secretary, he was in a position to know the undercurrent of the power struggle in the party.
“I think if the president declares today, it would rest the simmering power struggle, unite and refocus the party to retain power in 2019,” he said.
Izunaso disagreed with the views of Obasanjo and Babangida that Buhari had underperformed, saying the president had done creditably well.

According to him, “The president has performed exceedingly well. When we came into office, we promised three things: improve security; revive the economy; and fight corruption.
“The president has taken these three head on. He has fought Boko Haram to a standstill; pulled the economy out of recession; and corruption is on its knees right now.”

Asked if he did not consider the rampaging herdsmen as a new form of security threat that has become a serious concern to Nigerians, he said: “That is not exactly a new development. It is an inheritance that President Buhari is tackling with vigour. You know the president prefers to do than to talk.”

  • onyearmy

    Osita Izunaso truly knows where his bread is buttered. We’ve heard it before ‘Abacha or Nigeria will burn’. What a shameless sycophant.

  • MDG2020

    Nigeria is a very interesting country, a dullard promise them to improve skuriti, pite kwarrapson, and revive economy!
    Now this is the feedback 3yrs after:
    1) On improve skuriti, the dullard of daura met a BH insurgence, that then operating from the fringes of sambisa, but 3 yrs after, we now have a new improved BH that operates in the north-eastern cities targeting both soft (civilian) and hard (military) targets, plus a full blown daily maiyettin allah foolani beheaders operating in every nook and cranny of nigeria with a minimum of 100 beheading daily. Add kidnapping, badoo, armed robbery, police robbery/brutality, and the jobless ever dancing burantashi military, then you will have a very clear picture of what boohari improved skuriti means.

    2) On piting kwarrapson, Trillions were said to have been recovered with no conviction or forfeitures in any law court ( Except for Dieziani ala Absentia even when she has been beging to be repatriated so she can tell her part of the story without success) ironically, for every Trillions recovered, billions are being borrowed – you reader do the statistics! Now in terms of dolo’s piting kwarrapson, if you are from the SS or SE, all you need to be kwarrapt is mere accusation, but if you are from the north, dolo will personally reflect on what you are accused of, then you are summarily acquited and re-instated with full benefit. Worse still you are replced with your brother or wife and retired with full benefits.
    God help you if you are related to GEJ or his wife or Dieziani or member of PDP!

    3) On Reviving the Economy: Dolo met dollar at $190, now dollar sell for $360. Dolo met gas at #78.00 now gas sells for #200. Dolo met a functional Portharcourt and Warri refinery, now they have all collapsed, dolo have been reaping increased price of crude oyel, but have failed to acknowledge it-compare to his daily whining early 2015 about fallen price of oyel.
    You the victims are free to add your own suffering-mony, cos you know where it aches you in this one.

    Sai anjuma!

  • Ade Whenu

    Clearly Senator Osita Izunaso, it is your thinking faculty that is in turmoil. As It is evident you do not have the interest of Nigerians, suffering as a result of the monumental failure of Buhari at heart.

    What will he do in his second term that he cannot do now? Buhari lacks the intellect and innovative thinking, Nigerians need in a leader.

    We thank Buhari for ending the administration of clueless Goodluck and making some cosmetic achievement on the corruption front. However, enough is enough! If Buhari is trully a decent man he should resign straightaway and let his VP finish his term.

    You cannot give what you do not have. Buhari might have good intentions, but the job at hand is beyond his capability.

  • Basil Chijioke

    who put the economy into recession? was it not Buhari? apc and Buhari have fulfilled all their campaign promises why won’t Buhari run and win

  • Mos Agana

    “we promised three things: improve security; revive the economy; and fight corruption”.

    And you shamelessly say the president has performed. Say it to the marines. It’s a sycophantic to claim so with the rising spate of insecurity and untold economic hardship in Nigeria today. Are you oblivious of the wanton waste of lives by Fulani militias in the guise of herdsmen? Are you unaware of the astronomical foreign exchange rate like never before? Are you unaware of the selective amnesia in the fight against corruption, where if you have a charge but carpet cross to APC (the likes of a former governor of Abia State), the corruption charges are jettisoned? Are you unaware of the nepotism in governance exemplified in the formation of the directors of the security personnel in the country? Are you unaware of the excruciating fuel prices that Nigerians are experiencing like never before in the history of the country?

    Encourage him to contest and win, because may be you are opinionated to feel that Nigerians are the same as they were yesterday. The CHANGE has changed the political mentality of Nigerians towards 2019 too.

  • Harold

    They keep telling us they got us out of recession, which they haven’t, without telling us who got us into it in the first place. In terms of security, bolo haram is still killing, an abducting, maiming citizens as well as destroying properties . That’s why, according to the Federal government, they are asking for additional $1000,000,000 or so to end the onslaught. Killer herdsmen are still doing their thing, killing, maiming and raping citizens.

  • Sai Baba

    This guy meant good to Nig. & I like the way he summarized the President’s performance as;
    “The president has taken these three head on. He has fought Boko Haram to a standstill; pulled the economy out of recession; and corruption is on its knees right now.”
    Nigerians should not panic Buhari MUST contest!

    • Judith

      No problem. Please let him contest. We are waiting.

  • Mr Fagan

    Let him contest. There’s nothing wrong with that. His achievements will speak volumes for him! He’s being so responsive to the problems of Nigerians. He’s rushing to every troubled spot to be on top of the situation. He has united us so much so that we all belong to everybody and to nobody. Nigerians, irrespective of where they come from, have a sense of belonging. There’s a deep sense of national cohesion in the land. By the way, long queues have long since disappeared from service stations. Let the man contest. The majority of Nigerians will let him know whether they prefer an alternative to insensitivity, to national polarisation, to ethnic and religious chauvinism, to economic ignorance.

    • ugwu ifechukwu

      Mr Fagan you dont know what u are saying. it seems u are not a Nigerian

      • Edon B.

        My dear read in between line. Mr Fagan is using sarcasm which they deserved!

        • Mr Fagan

          Thank you bro. You got me right.

      • Mr Fagan

        Mna, you missed the irony.

        • super hero

          By miles! Lol

      • Nnaemeka Odo

        Read and comprehend comments before rushing to add yours.

    • Edon B.

      Nice one my brother, God is watching them and their destruction will come suddenly.