UK-returnee, Ayodeji Karim, Declares Intention for Oyo Governorship


The coming general elections in 2019 would be a different political exercise with the growing political interest from Nigerian professionals, technocrats, entrepreneurs and brilliant and upwardly-mobile young people within and outside of Nigeria.

Amongst these accomplished Nigerians who are seeking to bring their wealth of experience and expertise to governance in Nigeria is Ayodeji Karim.

Karim, who recently moved to Nigeria from his UK abode, is a consummate professional and entrepreneur with records of excellent operations in engineering, construction and farming.

The businessman-turned-politician had his primary and secondary education in Nigeria before proceeding to South Thames College in London, UK where he obtained a National Diploma in Electro/Mechanical Sciences. He also secured a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering and Engineering Design/Manufacturing from the University of Wales, UK.
Karim, who also had extensive trainings in the military from the British Army, heads thriving businesses like Fortis Construction and Costain (West Africa) Plc amonsgt others.

Meanwhile, in achieving his political goal, the passionate entrepreneur has put the focus of his campaign on vigorous development of human and material resources through youth empowerment, education, training and enduring infrastructures.

As many Nigerians have suggested that the emergence of fresh minds and ideas in politics would be a way out of Nigeria’s challenges, it’s hoped that Karim and other newcomers bring with them the necessary solutions to the country’s myriad of problems.