How long can you be cute? For Funlola Osunsade, the answer will probably go… ‘Eternally!’ Like a Princess of Commerce, Funlola Osunsade spends her days hustling and strategising in the crafty, calm, cold; cozening strife of Nigeria’s corporate sector.

If she were a cassowary on the plains of Timbuktu, she would flex her wattles like she is the last of the Casuarius breed in the world, literally though. Yes, Funlola added another year to her enchanting life some days ago and the pert, blue flame of joy burns through her pretty frame; brightening her world and burnishing her persona with irrepressible shine.

She is beside herself with joy for being privileged to witness yet another glorious addition to her inspiring days.

She exemplifies a totally modern yet timeless construct of femininity that manifests as a blend of dashing individuality and noble pedigree. She worked hard to attain her current status and she is far removed from the contemporary alpha female stereotype that glorifies flamboyance, self-aggrandisement and narcissism above substance. Add that to her capacity to navigate the scandalous terrains of high society without a scandal attached to her name and you have a perfect superwoman.

And she’s got great carriage and élan. Funlola is the daughter of late Mrs. Esther Olusola Osunsade. Sources say the fair-skinned woman has every reason to be glad and joyous as she turned 54 days ago. Family, friends and colleagues were all around to celebrate her. As she adds another year, where does she go from here? There is certainly no barrier to her path and ascending the ladder of success.