Ganduje’s Welcome Call


The Kano State Governor, Abdulahi Ganduje, last week asked all the herdsmen around the country to return to Kano, because the state boasts a vast landmass for grazing. He said this in view of the current attacks by AK-47-wielding herdsmen in different parts of the country, the result of which is a growing national and global discontent. This is a welcome development.

However, two issues suffice here. Is Ganduje’s call a solution to the crisis of herdsmen/farmers clashes, which have been ongoing for many years and can his call contain the now growing criminal tendency of some of the elements believed to have infiltrated their ranks? The other question: Was this call made, because Ganduje thought other parts of the country were somewhat intolerant of the herdsmen and therefore wanted to score some cheap political points, at a time he is also battling for survival?

This is a sensitive matter and must be handled with utmost caution and circumspection, especially as elections are fast approaching. He must not allow his call to be misconstrued as suggesting that herdsmen are not wanted in other parts of the country. Any Nigerian can live anywhere and practice his/her trade in compliance with the law. Thus, the herdsmen/farmers controversy should not be used by politicians to further their political nests.