Change! Nigerian Embassy in US Steps up Operations with 48-hr Visa Service


Lekan Fatodu

The long awaited change may have come the way of Nigerians in the US and investors who wish to visit Nigeria as the Nigerian embassy in the United States of America just announced a 48-hr visa service.

Anyone who is familiar with or has had cause to visit the Nigerian embassy in the US for a visa to Nigeria, or other consular matters would tell you how tedious and unprofessional the process is conducted in that embassy.

For just a simple enquiry such as on travel certificate for those who require the document to travel to Nigeria, you will not only be subjected to needless bureaucracy but also have to endure unwarranted insolence from the mostly uncouth staff members at the embassy.

Because of these regular shameful encounters, a lot of Nigerians usually groan whenever the need for a visit to the embassy arises.

As such there have been a lot of complaints and agitations over the unruly attitude of the embassy staff towards fellow Nigerians and prospective visitors to Nigeria.

Similarly, questions have been raised on unnecessary delay in visa issuance which usually discourages investors from visiting the country and in that way robs Nigeria of huge foreign investment opportunities.

So as the embassy has deemed it fit to enhance its operations with the 48-hour visa processing, more improvements are also expected in the areas of customer service, training of staff, organisation of the embassy and cutting of needless bureaucracy amongst other necessities.