Diamond Bank Launches DiamondXtra Season 10, Thrills Customers with Newer Benefits


Ehime Alex

For customers’ delights and to sustain its vision as a lender, Diamond Bank Plc has officially unveiled the DiamondXtra Season 10 promo to provide its teeming customers the opportunity to participate and win lots of fabulous prizes.

The DiamondXtraSeason 10 which was formally unveiled recently in Lagos with newer benefits as a way of keeping with its policy of beyond banking initiative would have it give away a total of about N433 million in various prize worth.

In a welcome address, the bank’s Chief Executive Officer, (CEO), Uzoma Dozie who noted that more lucky winners would emerged in the promo, said the ultimate aim was to continue to give hope to the bank’s customers.
Dozie said, “It is really one of our most important services to our customers. It is not only important because it serves as a utility but also because it gives hope to our customers.” He also hinted that, in a charity environment, it is hope that keeps people alive.

Noting that for the past nine years, the bank had used the initiative to affect and impart the lives of its customers, the Bank’s CEO said it was ready to touch more lives, hence the new addition to the offers.

In a remark, Diamond Bank’s Head, Retail Banking, Robert Giles, who said the lender had been in the business of making millionaire out of its DiamondXtra account holders, stated that the DiamondXtraSeason 10 comes bigger than ever before.

Giles said, “We have been making dreams come through for many of our customers. We have been making millionaires every month. Peoples’ lives have changed and their businesses are seen growing.”

Giving statistics on how far the bank has fared with the promo over the years, Giles recounted that it had given back over N5 billion in five years to its customers. And also that, over 20,000 of the bank’s customers have had their lives touched, besides other results recorded thus far.

On his part, the bank’s Head, Mass Market Segment, Osita Eze stated that the bank too was delighted to have launched the Season 10 because “it is an opportunity for it to continue to touch lives of millions of Nigerians.”
Eze, who mentioned some of the newer offers to include the Diamond healthXtra, rent advance among others, said, “In this Season 10, we are giving out a total of about N433 million, and based on the feedbacks we received from our customers after survey, we have added some benefits like accommodation and education grant.”

He explained that, the education grant offers lucky winners the privilege to earn a monthly pay of N100,000 for the next five years.

While stressing that, winners could emerge from any region of the country, he said, the rent advance, gives a winner N1 million straight off.
He also pointed out that another mouthwatering offer is the Salary for Life benefit, whereby lucky customers could have the opportunity to win and earn a monthly salary of N100,000 for the next 20 years.

“What we have been doing with the DiamondXtra is to say thank you to our customers who have been loyal to us for the past years, and this had endeared us to our customers a lot more,” Eze said.

He added that to participate and win, customers are to open a DiamondXtra Account and save a minimum of N5,000 in their account, and any Xtra of N5,000 qualifies them for more chances.