Again, Akeem Alobo-Bakare has ventured into the mysterious overland; that peculiar haven bordered by esplanades of secret treasures and colourful spokes of eternal delight. Thanks to sweet heavenly grace, Akeem has rediscovered bliss in ravishing belle, Dayo Adebayo. Hardly anyone believed that he would find another love of his life so soon. To high society trolls, it is unbelievable, but to Akeem, it’s simply ethereal.

To Akeem, finding Dayo is akin to beaming light through the surface of a brushwood that light never penetrated.
Akeem has been seen all over town with Dayo in recent times. So smitten are they with each other that they have aroused speculations about the future of their newfound love; rumour has it that Akeem and Dayo are now married.

A lot of people thought the storm which rocked and almost ended the marriage between Akeem and his wife, Tosin, was over. But they were shocked to hear the news that Akeem has taken another wife again. A couple of years back, Akeem, a former banker, became estranged from Tosin and moved out of their home. Before long, he was reported to have become romantically involved with another lady, Dupe, a former employee at Skye Bank.

All through the storm, Tosin, the second daughter of the late boardroom titan, Chief Molade Okoya-Thomas, held her peace and kept a low profile, even as Dupe went about parading herself as the chosen one. But just when many thought there was no chance of reconciliation, Akeem dumped Dupe and returned to his matrimonial home. Now, he is said to have married Dayo and she’s enjoying the best of the good life with Akeem who spares no expense in taking care of her.