Tosin Ajibade Hosts Successful Influencer Marketing Training


Popular blogger and social media influencer, Tosin Ajibade, also known as Olorisupergal, recently held an influencer marketing training for entrepreneurs and digital media enthusiasts recently at ILX Centre Lekki, Lagos. 

The event had four influential speakers who analysed and explained influencer marketing to the trainees, and they include, Olorisupergal, Sisi Yemmie, Femi Bakre of KraksTV, and RonkeFella.

Olorisupergal began the seminar by talking about who an influencer is, and in her words, “An influencer is a person, connecting to different people or an organisation through social media, using their opinion to influence people and their choices”. According to her, a lot of brands are in search of such people. She described, elaborately, the various types of influencers and their relevance to the society.

Femi Bakre of Kraks TV, who was also one of the speakers, talked on how to get started and the tools that can help the work easily. 

He went on to describe how he started and the importance of research at the beginning. Femi gave out some social media tools that can help make the workload easy for an influencer. He introduced attendees to tools like Buffer, wunderlist, and more.

Sisi Yemmie shared with the participants, a story of how she became a YouTuber and the challenges she encountered. Sisi Yemmie went on to encourage the student to always carefully grow and engage their audience. She said, “be strategic, and it’s important to know your brand and be consistent.”