Anticipating Cuppy’s Crossroads Takeover on New Year’s Eve


Demola Ojo

Two of the leading brands in their respective industries are collaborating to deliver what is expected to be one of the most memorable New Year’s Eve parties in Lagos and beyond. Africa’s entertainment capital is renowned for its high octane events with many of the continent’s leading concerts taking place at the Eko Hotel and Suites.

Take Eko’s experience at being efficient hosts and pair it with a crowd pulling and crowd pleasing DJ like Cuppy and what you get is the most eagerly anticipated New Year’s Eve party in Lagos.

Crossroads bar

The event is billed for Crossroads, Eko’s Mexican restaurant which is certainly one of the coolest hangout spots in the city. Renowned for its stylish design and decor, a long and especially lively bar, a spacious restaurant section and Mexican-themed nights, Crossroads attracts a hip and cosmopolitan crowd all year round. In December though, it’s on another level.

Combine this with Cuppy, easily the hottest DJ in town, considering the number of events, concerts and parties she has performed at over the past month alone; from the Wedding Party 2 after-party, to the Rhythm Unplugged concert, and so much more in between.

All these while hosting her themed parties, Cactus on the Roof, which have been met with rave reviews. The tropical themed parties have been held day and night at Maison Fahrenheit’s rooftop for three consecutive Sundays this month, each one beating the previous, with Cuppy proving to be much more than a DJ but rather, an all-round entertainer with dance crew in tow.

Themed to a T, with cacti of different shapes and sizes just one indication of the attention to detail, Cactus on the Roof has been lit, live and hot, and is set to climax Sunday the 31st, setting the tone for the crossover at Crossroads where the trend of great music, sumptuous meals and tasty cocktails is expected to continue.

Eko Hotel is bent on making the Crossroads party as exclusive an event as possible: The price range for the reservations-only party already suggests the class of crowd targeted, while the entertainer’s antecedents point to the mind-blowing experience that awaits them.