Afrilux Brings 17,000 Cosmetic Products to Nigeria


Rebecca Ejifoma

With the aim to provide Nigerians with high quality original products only, Afrilux Nigeria has launched its website with over 17,000 trusted products from 500 brands across the globe.

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Afrilux Nigeria, Mr. Jack Ikwueme, described Afrilux as an online cosmetics offshore with over 17,000 trusted products.

He said, “We deal with all sorts of cosmetic from the lowest to the highest. the basis motto of our company is originality. Our products are original all over the world.”

With the brain company in Spain, he added that it was hard convincing the company to establish in Nigeria.

He said, “They were scared of Nigeria because they felt we wouldn’t sell original brands. I encouraged them to come here because there are a lot of Nigerians that want to buy original brands but can’t see it.

“A lot of brands in Nigeria are adulterated ones imported, which are not even produced by the manufacturers. But Afrilux products are from UK, US, France and Spain and are all original brands.

“Indeed, Afrilux is concerned about the health of Nigerians. Hence, it has set dermatologists on ground to help curb issues with allergies in users of their products.

“We have experts like dermatologists to counsel clients on the rich products. Some people are allergic to some brands. If you have an allergy, you tell us your allergy and we tell you what the brand is made of.”

Some of the 17,000 products are: cologne, perfumes, Gucci, Revlon and American Crew from about 500 brands.

He added, “So, in the next couple of months, we hope to open a store in Abuja for pick up, in Enugu, Port Harcourt and Ibadan.”

Meanwhile, the Marketing Officer, Peter Agiri, is bent on proving to Nigerians on the originality of their products. “They buy directly from us. We get it directly from the producers – the original source.”

According to him, lovers of cosmetic can contact Afrilux via email or online, adding that “We have our expert teams of people who know about products and our Academy will open on February 13, 2018, fully branded by Revlon.”