A Successful Start


The maiden ‘Iseoluwa Live in Concert’ registered a very colourful first of its kind show. Ferdinand Ekechukwu reports

As at the period she made her first appearance at the maiden concert built around her, Iseoluwa Abidemi was just becoming a teenager,  turning 13 the next day December 18. The birthday announcement by the host, Benjamin Ogbeiwi (Uncle Ben  MTN Project Fame) had stirred  the still but excitedly expectant audience to cheers in appreciation of the wonderful talent she possessed.

There at the RCCG Jesus Embassy Parish, Lekki, venue of the show, the atmosphere was wrapped in worship mood, in songs, and in praise as the fresh teen, ‘Iseouluwa’, with other gospel superstars in the ministry got set to thrill the large audience. The stage was adequately fitted with lightings, speakers and roving camera stands in strategic locations. Sound check was done to avoid any technical hitch. And it was largely uninterrupted throughout the evening.

By the number of people that had turned out to see the show and in support of the teen star, it was quite impressive. Most of them in the gathering, mainly adults – parents – with their children – have either experienced her perform at the church or seen her video and listened to her self titled single, ‘Iseoluwa’, which she eventually opened with before her two other performances that followed in-between the concert.

They sang along with her joyously, chorusing the lyrics to the melodic song. The children pushed around the hall excitedly and a privilege it was to have had them witness the event, which the host described as “early Christmas present” to all at the show while noting the positive impact it would have on these wards.

In appreciation  of the thoughtful support and efforts by the organisers in bringing the event to fruition, Ogbeiwi had thanked “Mr. and Mrs. Abidemi, her parents who put this show together and we thank everyone here at Jesus Embassy who assisted the course.” It couldn’t have been any better with the choice of the respected music instructor steering the programme.

The ‘Iseoluwa Live in Concert’ registered a very colourful first of its kind music concert in Nigeria and by extension, Africa. It was history made. For the first time in the continent a 12 year old girl that has taken to the good news had received prominent billing being the lead performer, alongside other established artistes like Tim Godfrey, Eben, Onos Ariyo and multi award winner Wole Oni, in a live music concert.

They ministered to an audience with the presence of the parish priest, pastor and mummy Emeka Odiah; mummy Helen Oyitso, mummy Segun Ogbonnewo and other pastors and assistants within the Redeemed Christian Church of God clan. The gospel concert started with the Kodak moment on a purple terrace before guests already seated were  appealed to for a photo session with the artiste.  The event crew were up and doing in their capacity as the show was ongoing to ensure its hitch-free. The location of the venue was temperate, devoid of unruliness. It was a super glorious moment as supporting act, Omoba opened the evening. Followed by Diane.  Her performance wasn’t so all over the place but she took everyone deep into the worship realm.

Odunayo Aboderin came on after Diane. He performed “Bless the Lord oh my Soul” with the Piano and later switched to “Majesty” and then “You are God all by yourself”.

Then Eben, whose entry was received with a joyful noise. He stirred the mood with some few words on the little girl in the usual characteristic nature synonymous with gospel artistes. Eben came on stage with his dripping swags, looking like a gangster, moulded only to go crazy for the Eternal Rock of Ages. He first performed “At the centre of it all“.

He would later request for a “Clubbic” sound, this was where he gave the popular hits that made the crowd go wild. He started with “He Has Given Me Victory” and then moved to “We go dey hail your name”. Literally, the auditorium went wild and everyone threw their posh sides right out the window.

Notably “a gift to the body of Christ”, according to Tim Godfrey, describing the teen star, there was something attractive about all of the artistes at the concert. They all have a way of turning the old school choruses into contemporary music.

It was nice to see a cute ballet dancer during Iseoluwa’s second performance, she performed “Hallelujah” and that moment was beyond beautiful. Her third performance was much traditional, she made the audience and Mike Abdul dance to her new steps.

Aside her great voice, Iseoluwa has an amazing stage attitude which caught the interest of members of the pen profession who had reservation about the young act. A lot of kids her age are usually shy, but she was bold, confident and super cute in her outfits.