Not quite a few guests gathered at the Grand Ballroom of Eko Hotels and Suites boggled their minds to unravel the mystery surrounding the Nigerian Breweries Plc One and Only Press Unveil.

Right from the invitation card to the venue, the organisers kept the secret tightly to their chest. Early birds were not allowed inside although the event was scheduled for 5pm. It wasn’t until some minutes before 6pm that the doors were finally opened. Yet, they were not allowed to go into the ballroom. Instead, they had a brief drink session before finally accessing the main hall that has been aesthetically designed to fit the purpose of the event. Beautifully positioned on the walls of the room are huge pictures of great historical facts in the world such as the Eiffel Tower, The Great Walls of China among others. These images instigated the curiosity of the guests to solve the puzzle.

Their interest was further deepened when the huge screen on stage started showing videos of these interesting sites starting with the homestead of the American Film Industry, Hollywood. Each fact ended with the catchphrase ‘One and Only’.

By the end of the reel, a few guessed that they were about to launch a new addition to the Star family. Still undone with the teases, a group of eclectic dancers came on stage and gave an electrifying performance to a great applause. This was shortly followed by the host of the evening Nollywood actor TiminiEgbuson appearing on stage. Although he tried to increase the anticipation with his gimmicks, it fairly hit home.

After much intrigue, the new addition to the Nigerian Breweries Plc staple, Stella was unveiled. A premium lager beer from the African country Egypt and brewed by the Belgian Master Brewers. The international brand which has been in existence since 1897 comes in a 60cl bottle with an alcoholic volume of 4.5% and made from 100% malted barley.

The beer is coming at a yuletide season where beer brands compete heavily in the large market.
Speaking at the unveiling, the marketing director of Nigerian Breweries Plc, Franco Maria Maggi said that it is the first time that the company is advancing to premium beers. “Stella Lager Beer is a product of a very innovative and unique brewing technique and is very original in its recipe, brewing process and taste. This refreshing golden lager is targeted at upwardly-mobile urban dwellers who want their beer to be a natural extension of who they are and what they represent. Over the years we have worked hard to earn the trust of our consumers, introducing Stella Lager Beer is our way of assuring millions of beer lovers that we will continue to innovate to deliver superior products and value to them at every risk.”

Perhaps, a trump card for the brewery will be the brand name as it will easily connect to the consumers. Already, guests were making teasing comments about the lager due to its feminine ring. However, the portfolio manager was quick to point out that Stella is the Greek word for Star.