GIGM Mobile Travel Smart App Launched


The GIGM mobile travel smart app for businesses at all levels have been launched.
It was unveiled at a time where most families will travel for Christmas.

According to the developers, this season is the planned trip home to visit loved ones, or even cool off at some far flung tourist destinations. Bus terminals which dot city landscapes, especially those dedicated to inter-city travels, have already become a beehive of activities. Except for a few, many of these service centres offer no real value in terms of customer experience.

The app is designed to a address the hassles of sweating through the hellish traffic in most part of the cities, just to go grab some piece of note in the name of a bus ticket.

Technology and innovation are making lives very easy. This season, and even beyond, you do not have to break sweat to plan that next trip. All the customer need to do is download a relevant App which allows you to stay in the comfort of your home to buy a ticket (either one way or round trip), hire a bus, and reschedule a journey, if that becomes necessary.

“It’s just so nice that these travel solutions, which were once the exclusive preserve of advanced societies, are now at our doorsteps. The latest effort is the GIGM App which recently hit the Google play and IOS stores, and has received very positive reviews for being user-friendly.

“Who knows, with such innovative steps, Nigeria’s transportation industry might just be in for a clean break from the past where touts jostled for and hounded commuters endlessly. With the world at ones finger tips, customers need to go through the inconvenience of being pulled, tugged and shoved into some rickety bus terminals just for the purpose of undertaking a trip.
The GIGM is definitely an App for all seasons.