A single breaker may recede; but the tide eventually comes in, always. That is why change remains the world’s most revered phenomenon. When its wind blows, even the sturdiest of oaks bends to its gale; the forest tree that wouldn’t is soon uprooted by the fierceness of its mildest storm. But while every new change spells good tidings for some, for others, it brings the worst of life’s vicissitudes. Call it good or bad, positive or negative, the bottom-line is, it was some kind of change that has unraveled.

That is the question some socialites are asking about the duo of Dr. Eyimofe Atake and his wife Dorothy. Eyimofe is a quiet man now. After a glorious stint, spanning several decades on the social circle, it seems that the irrepressible forces of nature have combined to make Eyimofe and Dorothy to slow their roll. How time changes! It seems just like yesterday that the couple made high society space their oyster, wining and dining and luxuriating in the finest things life dished their way.

As members of Nigeria’s high society, they lived life to the hilt and being fashionable and stylish, the couple always ranked high in the pantheon of those expected at high octave events. In the days when they held sway, no party was complete without them. The couple held the society scene spellbound, dictating its pulse at will and never letting up in the fashion department whenever it mattered.

But as time went by, however, younger socialites started sprouting, giving them a good run for their fashion and socialising facility.

They have not completely buckled down, but they choose the gigs they attend these days, leaving the jumping around for the young folks. Or have you seen them at any party lately?