Summit for Job Seekers Debuts


Mary Ekah

Following the high rate of unemployment in the country, a recruitment firm in Nigeria, Gidijobs in conjunction with Poise Graduate Finishing Academy (PGFA) recently put up a job fair in Lagos, which aimed to quip and get jobs for young people.

Speaking recently in Lagos during a pre-event press briefing to announce the summit which took place yesterday in Surulere, the Co-founder, Gidijobs and Managing Director of Poise Graduate Finishing Academy (PGFA), Asher Adeniyi said, “we have discovered that there are so many people out there still looking for jobs, so we want to get jobs for them and also bring employers together to offer people jobs and also to let people know why they are not getting these jobs.” The event, organisers said aims to transform graduates and young professional into employable people, making it easier for employers to identify them, adding that people can register on the firm’s website to be part of the summit.

Adeniyi who said Poise Graduate Finishing Academy training is for all disciplines, added, “We discovered from the research with employers that there are some particular skills that most graduates lack which are not taught in the universities. Skills like leaders, proactiveness, problem-solving skills, time management and so on. All these and more are the skills we teach at the Poise Graduate Finishing Academy and we cut across virtually all disciplines.” He said further that although the job fair is opened to the public it would offer preferential treatment to the students of the Poise Graduate Finishing Academy.

The summit brought together both academic corporate leaders as well as various speakers. “We have a summit where everybody will discuss and then briNg about an interjection between what is happening in the education and business sectors as well as what the government is doing about the unemployment situation in Nigeria and that is why we have tagged it, ‘Preparing for Future Work’. We also know that a lot of our present and past jobs have been replaced by machines. So we also want to talk about what the future holds for our youths. Are we preparing them for the future? What is the future for semi-skilled people? And what particular skills do people who are educated need for the future? What are the things that people in the job market need to think about and how can they prepare themselves better for the future? At the end of it all, there would be a job fair where we are going to showcase some of the brightest students in the country,” he noted.