Ekweremadu: Nigerians Can Live Happily Together


The Senate Deputy President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, said a united Nigeria where every citizen could actualise his or her potential in any part of the country irrespective of his or her ethnic or religious background is possible.

Ekweremadu spoke in Enugu when he was conferred with the Rotary International’s 2017 Outstanding Citizen of the World Award at the weekend.

Explaining his usual reflective postures, the senator noted that there were abundant possibilities for Nigeria and Africa.

He said: “I believe we can live happily together in Nigeria and everybody will have the blessings of democracy and all the economic gifts, which God has bestowed on this country.

“I reflect about how somebody from Kano can live peacefully in and possibly become the Governor of Enugu State. I also reflect on how somebody from Imo State can one day become the Governor of Sokoto State.

“I reflect on the about 350 million population of West African and how we can bring meaning to the protocol on enterprise, free movement, and residency to make the sub-region unique and prosperous.

“I also believe that Africa can become a better continent where we can take advantage of all the blessings of raw materials and solid minerals that God has given to us in abundance. We can add value to these things and create a value chain that will make us the envy of the world.”

While commending Rotary International for its commitment to reducing human suffering, he urged the international community to show more sincerity and commitment to building a prosperous and peaceful world.

He expressed concern that global leaders spend time and resources on summits and seminars in search of global peace, but have not properly addressed the major issue of the manufacture of weapons of warfare and violence.
“Can’t we turn these arms factories into schools, hospitals or where we can produce agricultural products and be able to add value to the rest of the world instead of producing arms to kill ourselves?
“These things are possible if we truly want to build a better world,” he added.

Speaking earlier, the President of the Rotary International, District 9142, Hon. Okezie Nwanjoku, said Senator Ekweremadu earned the award through his enormous philanthropy and efforts to better the lots of humanity.