New Platform,, to Link Innovations with Investors


By Olaseni Durojaiye

In response to the need to fill a vacuum and be a niche player, a new online platform,, is set for launch this week with a promise to facilitate networking opportunities for ideas owners, inventions and investors., the new platform, is described as a product, website and app designed to bring solutions to many problems relating to ideas, innovations and investments.

The introduction of aligns with the call by observers who opine that the increasing internet penetration rate in the country, put at 68 million, can be put to better use, beyond the social media or deploying it for social networking. This is as they hold that there are vast under-explored opportunities in the digital media space including business endeavours, as is being done to promote ecommerce.

According to the promoters of the new platform,, irrespective of geographical location, will bring ideas owners and investors to the limelight by providing them with a platform to showcase their innovations to the world even as it promises to encourage creativity and originality. Besides, it will also identify the needs of users of the platform, provide solution to those needs, and give value by creating a forum markets.

In a statement on the new product, Chief Executive Officer of PisonVison Global Solution Ltd, Femi Okikiola, stated that “ is here to keep dreams alive. There are no shortages of ideas or investors in our world today; there are only shortages of platforms to connect ingenuity with the big money spenders. This is why is founded to connect your world.

“Whatever that very special gift that you have? What do you think that you know that somebody has discovered that is a solution to a problem? All you need to do is to package these ideas and market to the streaming investors around the world who will be using our platform to connect to you.

“Welcome to a world of the media business where creativity meets with investment. No matter what you have invented, you can give it a value as there will be investors waiting on to give value to your ideas. All you need to do is to upload on our platform, your idea and or invention, a kind of solution to a problem. As we all know, our world today is deprived of solution to many problems that we are daily confronted with. These problems are old in nature even as new ones are on the rise, today.”

He further stressed that, “ideas/inventions are a door of solution to you and many around the world are awaiting those with the idea and inventions to act. The world today is waiting for the showing up of creativity; I urge people to keep their vision alive by acting now. Who knows they might be the next big thing that the world is waiting for. You might be the new CEO waiting to show up.”

Explaining how the platform works, Okikiola explained that all that a prospective user of the platform needs to do is to package these ideas and market to the “streaming investors around the world who will be using our platform to connect to you.”

“Gone are the days when you will have to worry about what you want to invest on as provides you with that special platform where you can pick from streams of options made available to you to invest in. Your location is no longer a limit to what you want to achieve as the world has indeed become a global village through this platform,” he stated.

Additionally, He said being present in the digital space, on, opens communication lines between inventors and investors who are looking to bankroll cutting edge solution to better the world and change the way things are presently being done in any field of human endeavor.