Lagos Prince, Odunsi Fetes Pupils


A Prince of Isheri Oke Town in Lagos, Prince Jamiu Ayodele Odunsi at the weekend hosted the United African Church Central Nursery and Primary School during her annual inter-house sport where he extended philanthropic gestures

Prince Odunsi in addition, invited other important personalities to interact with the children to boost their morale as icons were often role models of children and youths. He invited Chief Ayo Aina Stanza who is based in London.

A special part of the even was the taking of the over 200 pupils and their teachers to his residence where they were entertained for over three hours as a way to bond with them.

Speaking on the reasons for his support for the school, Prince said he has always believed in giving back to his community and most especially, youth development.

“This primary school which was established in 1917 is a historic school for me because coincidentally, my father, Late Oba Sarumi Odunsi was the King of the community at that time. I also believe that Government cannot do everything. We as individuals that have been blessed must do our own part to support the efforts of the government. I was able to lend my support to this year’s inter-house sport activities and the Green House is now called Prince Jamiu Ayodele Odunsi House . Since it is an annual event, the onus is now on me that I must always make myself available to be part of the event and also support.

“Most times, if you don’t get close to people, you will not know how useful you both can be to each other. The time I spent in the school not only gave me an opportunity to interact with school, but also enabled us to communicate on areas we can further collaborate to give our children better education. I am a strong believer of good and quality education and I will do whatever I can to see it happen in my neighborhood.

This was part of the reasons I supported the inter-house sport. I also believe sport is another form of education because not everything can be learnt in the classroom.

“What community interaction does for me always is that it allows me to understand my community problems and their challenges. Then, we will also be able to put heads together and proffer solution to the problems. I am always willing to serve and offer my support to grow my community which I also expect from every other illustrious sons and daughters of the community. The younger ones are watching us and the legacy will lay down right now will go a long way. We are the lights they are seeing right now and we must inspire them positively. When they too grow up, they will also imbibe the culture of giving back to the society,” he said.