Foundation Backs Fight against Cancer


Reiterating full commitment to its impact based and result oriented Global Health and Welfare program (GHAW), the Stanley Jegede Foundation (SJF), has lend active support to Child Survival and Development Organization on its United Against Cancer “Run for Cure” advocacy campaign that is targeted at increasing awareness on early treatment and eradication of cancer in children.

Child Survival and Development Organisation were founded by Mrs Onari Duke, and work in active collaboration with teaching hospitals across Nigeria mainly their pediatric oncology departments to offer assistance in the treatment, and eradication of childhood cancer.

According to SJF executive chairman, Mr. Stanley Jegede, “to sustain awareness; prompt action and strengthen the fight against the hideous and completely life altering disease that cancer is, active initiatives such as “Run for Cure’ cannot be too many.

“It is fairly common knowledge that cancer has no respect for colour, creed, gender or age and that it is an ailment that attacks the immune system aggressively, and its medical treatment in a large number of cases can also wipe out a victim’s immune system. Hence, generating awareness on lifestyle choices that can keep it at bay or actively supporting technologically or community driven efforts to find a permanent cure that can help victims resume a life of normalcy with little or no trauma is not only a noble cause but a life goal for Stanley Jegede Foundation through its GHAW program.

He adds that SJF is most dedicated to initiatives that fight against cancer, especially in children that are its most vulnerable victims as well as other such collaborations that focus largely on the health and welfare of the Nigerian child.

The foundation’s core vision is motivated by a zeal to “make good quality of life accessible to Africa’s less privileged; especially children and youths – towards the achievement of their life or career goals”.

He says that SJF team is particularly humbled that Child Survival and Development Organization chose to extend an opportunity to be a part of its 2017 “Run for Cure” initiative and he is confident that SJF will continue to support campaigns to eliminate cancer and assist patients especially in remote communities in the coming years.