Dare to be different


From Me To You

Teenagers are susceptible to influence especially of their peers; because they love to move in clusters. This increases the tendency to be influenced either for good or bad.
The desire to follow trends and the ‘feel among’ or band wagon syndrome also make teenagers vulnerable to peer pressure.

You don’t have to do things simply because others are doing them. It is good to socialise and be trendy; after all, no man is an island. But, it is also important to get one’s priorities right. You need to set a standard for yourself and know when to draw the line. Anybody that stands for nothing will always fall for anything. But if you stand for something, you will remain standing even when the odds are against you. The fact that everybody is doing something, doesn’t make it right. Do the right things always.

While keeping it close with your friends, set your own agenda. Decide what name and image you’d love to carve for yourself and work towards achieving that. Make your parents and other family members proud of you.

Do not move with the crowd because, you’d be drowned by that same crowd. Do not try ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’ either. You are uniquely and wonderfully made. Just be the best you!

Teens speak
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TISHE DEJI-ROBERTS… Rounded, Confident and Focused

When our star teen of last week; Seni Adekeye, named him as his role model despite being just two years older than him, it elicited curiosity. Tishe Deji–Roberts is not your average kid on the block; he has a finger in every pie and still maintains a GPA of 3.5 consistently out of a possible 4.0. TEENS CONNECT went in search of him and was awed by the confidence and fine demeanour exuded by this 15-year-old, year 10 student of Grange School

Seni Adekeye named you as his role model. How does that make you feel?
It is really nice to know that I could be someone’s role model so I feel very happy and grateful. It also puts some pressure on me to live up to it knowing that someone or people are looking up to me.

He also mentioned that you are fashionable; do you see yourself as fashionable?
So I have been told. The truth is that I just like looking good.

What is your fashion fetish?
I am a big fan of long-sleeved and homage t-shirts

Who is your favorite designer?
Heron Preston.

What is that one thing you can never be caught wearing?
Skinny jeans.

Who would you give the credit for your fashion sense- mum or dad?
Both my parents are very fashionable and allow me to explore different things fashion-wise.

How long have you been swimming?
I have been swimming since I was 3 years old

Who inspired your love for swimming?
My dad is a fantastic swimmer and was the one who actually taught me how to swim in the beginning. My mum drops everything to be at almost all my training and competitions so I would say my parents have been very influential in my love for swimming. They push me to the limits and make sure that I do not give up.

How long have you been swimming competitively?
Since I was 7/8 years old.

How many competitions have you been involved in and how many medals have you won so far?
I have participated in many competitions both locally and internationally representing my schools and also as a member of the Ikoyi club 1938 swim squad. I honestly cannot count how many medals and certificates I have received doing this but I can say I have gathered quite a few.

What other sports do you engage in?
I play basketball and soccer both leisurely and competitively as part of my school teams

Who is your favorite sport personality?
Currently it’s Anthony Joshua because he is very good at what he does but also seems very level-headed and humble.

Favourite cartoon character?
I really haven’t watched any cartoons in a few years so I don’t have a favourite character.

Favorite game?

Who is your role model and why?
Kanye West; because he inspires my generation to believe more in ourselves and he stresses a lot on modern day slavery. He is also a good example of black excellence.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
I hope to have already moved out from my parents’ house and started a business.

What business would that be?
I would like to run a chain of businesses actually; maybe even form a conglomerate.

Why business, why not a good job?
I want to be an entrepreneur rather than work for someone.

Favorite holiday destination?

Other interests?
I also play the saxophone and enjoy deejaying leisurely. One of my mixes; ‘Gidi Vibes’, has been streamed over 6, 200 times.

Would you consider a career in deejaying?
Deejaying for me is just leisure for now, but time would tell if I would take it seriously in future. The deal with my parents is school and career first, then anything else can come after.

What course will you like to study?
I will like to study business administration, accounting or economics.

Turn on?

Turn off?
Rude and badly behaved people.

Advice for peers?
Do not change who you are just because you want to look good in front of someone else. You can’t please everybody. Do the right thing always no matter how hard.

If you become the president of Nigeria, what are the first three things you would do?
I would work on building refineries so we wouldn’t have to buy back our own refined oil. I would tackle poverty and reduce the digital divide of the country.
I would increase security to reduce any risks of terrorism.

In three words, describe yourself?
Responsible, driven, adventurous.

Financial literacy
– by Sylvia Ignatius

Knowledge is power. Having good financial knowledge puts one on the bright path to financial freedom. It is not too early as a teenager to start working your way to financial freedom. In fact, the time to start is now! What am I even saying? The fact that you are in school right now shows you want to lead meaningful lives in future. That does not mean that without formal education one cannot live meaningfully. Scores of people have, and still do. But, formal education gives you a good start, balances you, puts you on a pedestal and presents you with unlimited opportunities in life.

However, education without practical steps may not be helpful in giving you the secure future that you need in today’s world; which is competitive. Since the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, it is best you take that step now that you are young. Make hay while the sun shines.

Honestly, if many adults knew back then what they know now, their lives would be pleasantly different. Now that you are still young, dare to dream. You have everything going for you – age, technology, information and vast opportunities.

Steps To Financial Freedom:
• Read! Read! Read!
Knowledge is power and power brings freedom. Show me a knowledgeable teenager and I will show you a teenager who is ready to conquer the world. Knowledge is progressive; the more you acquire the more prepared you are to handle the challenges of life. There are several hidden treasures in books, make it your duty to discover as many as possible by reading voraciously. Read books as though your life depends on them.

Obviously, this may prove a tall order in this age of pinging, tweeting, ‘facebooking’, browsing, ‘instagraming’ and chatting on several platforms. Not to mention Telemundo and Zee world. Need I say that there is a noticeable decline in the reading culture among teenagers, a development that is quite disturbing. The teenager who makes an effort to distinguish herself by spending time and energy on knowledge-building activities, will excel and lead her generation. Decide to be that teenager, cultivate a reading habit and it will shape and prepare you for a brighter future.

• More steps to financial freedom next week.