Oyo First Lady Tasks Women on Leadership Roles


Mary Ekah
The wife of the governor of Oyo State, Mrs. Florence Ajimobi, has said that for values and morals to return to the Nigeria society, which at the moment is filled with all sorts of decadences, women have to take up their leadership roles accurately.

Speaking as a special guest of honour on the theme, ‘Listen to Jesus’, at the Cornerstone Precious Women 10th anniversary Convention, which took place at the Cornerstone Anointed Church of Christ, Lagos, the Oyo First Lady said the role of women in returning value and moral to the homes and society at large, cannot be overemphasised.

“God has given women the authority to bring peace and morals to their homes but first of all, women should invite peace into the lives of their children and also the entire home. A family that prays definitely is the family that stays together. Most importantly let us imbibe the fear of God in the lives of our children because like the Bible says, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. What I’m saying in essence is that, women should take up their roles as the leaders.”

Speaking further, Mrs. Ajimobi who said that these days our tolerance level is too low added that women give up easily when things are not working the way they want. She noted however that that, it should not be so. “When things are not going the way we want we give up so easily. We cannot continue to do that. We must continue to endure while we pray for our families and leaders because God has given us the authority. I know that I have authority in my own self and when I pray for my husband, my prayers are answered.

What has never happened in my state is happening right now because I pray daily for my husband. For the first time in the history of Oyo state, a governor is returning for the second term, it has never happened but because I pray, things have changed. I fought the battle for that on my knees. I went on my knees and told God that for my sake, He should do what has never happened in the history of Oyo State and God did it. Likewise, if we women come together and pray, what has never happened in Nigeria before now will begin to take place for good,” she said.

She advised that women should teach their children the reality of life, the reality of building a home and the reality of maintaining unity in a family, adding, “It is our job and we should never be tired. I never get tired of telling my children that reality is what it takes to face the challenges of life and as we continue to pray for them, they will experience happiness and peace in the different endeavours of their lives. Let parents teach their children the need to have a relationship with God.”

She encouraged further that Nigerian youths should have the fear of God in them. “It is the beginning of wisdom. You cannot do anything without God in your life. So I want Nigerian youths to let the fear of God to drive them in anything that they do in life and I can tell you with that they would progress in life and also get wisdom to be good leaders of tomorrow. She advised the women specifically, to find a golden moment in their homes. “My golden moment is when my husband is in the shower.

That is where I get to talk to him about everything I want to talk about. The golden moment in my marriage may not necessarily be the golden moment in another person’s marriage and what I mean by golden moment, is the moment when your husband is relaxed and when you can penetrate his person, talk to him and get all his attention. It is our duty as mothers to find the appropriate time for this golden moment. You cannot get your husband’s attention when he is tired or angry but the moment he is successful at work and is happy, that could be a golden moment,” she noted.

The Cornerstone Precious Women Convention was birthed 10 years ago by Becky Unoarumhi, wife of the Head Pastor of the Cornerstone Anointed Church of Christ, Pastor Peter Unoarumhi to be a voice for the woman/girl-child to break free from societal shackles and secondly to realise that they are nit second class citizens but chosen and precious vessels of the most high God. “As each year passes, God brings more clarity to this b=vision by backing it up with testimonies and actual evidences. These evidences are women who through thick and thin would take a stand with Christ and stand in the gap for their families, the church and the nation. This is our story in 10 iconic years,” the pastor’s wife noted.