Omoru Gears Up for ‘Girls for Sale’


Following the success of her movie, ‘Whose Meal Ticket’, Kehinde Omoru, its producer, is all set for another breath-taking movie titled, ‘Girls for Sale’. While ‘Whose Meal Ticket’ dwells on diabetes and active charcoal, this new movie focuses on adolescence and the delicate development of a teenager’s emotional, sexual and body images.

The movie, Omoru said is part of her contribution to the welfare of the girl-child through her advocacy outfit, Roxanne Care Options, in partnership with Opa Williams Studios. Described as a thriller, Omoru, the Executive Producer of the movie, who is carving a niche for herself as an edutainment film producer, said that the spread and cycle of cervical cancer is the point from which all themes spring in the movie.

She explains that the comedy features, put together by screenwriter Isokoh Edirin, focuses on ways in which girls’ health statuses are being inadvertently compromised.

‘Girls for Sale’ is the romantic story of a young lady (Elo) who goes through harrowing experiences before she eventually experiences unconditional love. Elo’s emotions near-fatally got entangled with her violated teenage sweetheart, Tega. Rather than reciprocate same, Tega gives her a disputable pregnancy as well as a virus. Both virus and child grow alongside each other until it is time for both to be resolved. It takes the mature, powerful and patient Alex to sort things out once and for all.

Omoru who explained that, “Cultural African thought about the girl-child dominates this story and begs that immediate and sustained reorientations start individually, clannishly, tribally, nationally and indeed globally, added that the beauty of ‘Girls For Sale’ is that it puts faces and voices to what has lived with us and in us for hundreds of years. Several themes reverberate in this script. You might find yourself captivated by the throes of adolescence masterfully unravelled by the two lead characters, or by how severely power and wealth could reduce poverty to nonentity.