FAAN Decries Poor Rating of Lagos, P’Harcourt Airports


By Chinedu Eze

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has reacted to the rating of the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa and the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos as the third and fifth worst airports in the world respectively by the well-known online medium, sleepinairports.net.

The Managing Director of FAAN, Saleh Dunoma, condemned the rating and said that it does not reflect the facts about the two airports and noted that the Port Harcourt airport is under construction, therefore, it is wrong to rate it, adding that the Lagos airport which was recently certified as meeting all the safety conditions and other regulatory standards by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) cannot be lowly rated because it has met all passenger needs over the years.

In carpeting the rating by sleepinairports.net, Dunoma noted that airports are not meant to be a sleeping place but a place meant to process passengers and serve as departure and arrival facility for travellers; so it is expected that travellers or other airport users who wished to sleep should go to hotels.

“Let me tell you, we in the aviation industry have organisations that are overseeing us. There is International Civil Aviation Organisation, which has to do with safety and security. We have ACI (Airport Council International) that is also looking at safety, security and economics of the airport. We have IATA (the International Air Transport Association), which is an association of the airlines and all these groupings especially the ICAO and the CAAs (Civil Aviation Authority), are there to look at safety. That is why we do the certification; can any organisation come out and say, no; Abuja airport is not certified or Lagos airport is not certified?

“People are looking at different things, airports are not designed for you to go and sleep they are designed for you to pass through as a passenger and get to your destination. Yes, some of them are designed for 24 hours but it is not designed for you to come and sleep. That is why if your flight is cancelled and the airlines have already checked you in, they will take you to a hotel. Even the biggest airport in the world does not have sleeping beds. Go to Dubai; maybe, they will give you a coach that you can stretch on but how many people can they accommodate to sleep at the airport?”

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  • chyke

    Typical Nigeria speak. I bet Mr Dunoma is connected. Commuters who suffer the indignities of using these airports have spoken. What makes a good airport is not the size but the level of service. A few years ago I visited Namibia, Windhoek Airport does not have or rather did not have an imposing building but the level of service was very good. The toilets were in good condition, I did not have to run a gauntlet of Immigration and Custom officials. No official was asking me if I had any other passport apart from the legitimate one handed in, the air conditioning was working and though it was not a night flight, the lights inside the Terminal were all functioning. The Taxi rank and car parks were all well laid out. Now compare it with what happens at MMA. The service at this Namibian Airport was about the same arriving and departing. I had no one asking me about the prescription for my medication, no one asking me why I have crayfish, ugu or bitter leaf in my luggage. Whilst all the haranguing at PH or MMA airports by airport officials, the air conditioning might be off compounding your level of discomfort.
    Other airport operators that are attuned to their users will try to expedite your movement through their respective airports, not the likes of Dunoma. You can tell from his statement that he really has no clue about customer service. We are really cursed as a country. Now you can imagine what will happen when this Dunoma chap is promoted to a higher position.

  • Dauda

    The gains made by Jonathan administration has been allowed to waste in the name of politics and lies of APC. Now the effect is on Nigeria

  • Tony Ezeifedi

    Why are you complaining when people who gained admission to secondary school with a score of 2% are made directors in NNPC, Airports Authority, Immigration, etc. Lagos is 2nd worst city to live in the world. Nigeria Police is the worst in the world. 50% of Kaduna teachers are not qualified. It goes on and on. The President was asked to show his certificate, instead of showing it, he went to court. Which one is easier, showing your certificate or going to court? The rut continues. What the North has done over the years is leveling down instead of leveling up in education and appointments.