Sijibomi Ogundele’s Tall Dream?


Sijibomi Ogundele, famously known as Sujimoto, is one of the big players in the nation’s real estate business.
He has been able to make a lasting statement with his innovation in the industry. His sole objective is to redefine luxury in the real estate industry in the country.
But he seems to have a big challenge realising one of his dreams, which is to construct the tallest building in Lagos. The planned 25-storey building called Lorenzo, which is to be sited on Bourdillion Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, had earlier been introduced with fanfare at an eyebrow hotel in Ikoyi.

Sadly, there has not been any development on the property after that initial outing that whetted the appetite of stakeholders, a situation that puts him in bad light in the industry.
In fact, it was gathered that many investors went for his jugular, claiming the whole thing was nothing but a fraud. It was also reported that he nearly dumped the business and ran out of the country for safety.
In the face of the unsavoury development, he kept a low profile, making many wonder if could return to the industry with the same gusto with which he launched himself in the industry years back.

However, like a true fighter, the young man is said to be nursing another dream. He is planning a project on Banana Island: high-end luxury terrace houses. The project, it was gathered, would commence before the end of the year. He is said to have raised over N1bn from local investors for the project.
Sources claimed that this hefty investment is the reason he took to the social media to post a cryptic message: “The storm is over”, while also declaring his wedding plans.
But critics maintain that it may be another tall dream, as he has not yet disclosed details about the project. While many also claimed it might be yet another of his numerous publicity stunts.

Recognition for Quincy Ayodele
Twenty years ago, Quincy Ayodele, a top society lady and boss of Quincy Herbal, opened her shop to add value to humanity via her kind of business.
Over the years, she has taken some steps to step up her game, one of which was launching the products in the international market.

Interestingly, the efforts are paying up, as the organisers of world-acclaimed biggest entertainment award ceremonies, Grammy and Oscars, are set to honour him.
The wholly Nigerian brand, Quincy Herbal, has emerged as the only Nigerian brand and one of the world-famous companies with the ‘Swag Bag’ for recipients of the 2018 Grammy and Oscar Awards.
The ‘Swag Bag’, which is usually given to award nominees, contains various gift items and is believed to be worth over $100,000. It has become a regular part of the Oscars and Grammys awards for years.

Basking in the new height brought into the rebranding of the natural health company by her American trained daughters, Tobi Trevor-Keeney, who is now the Managing Director, and Marital Ayodele-Abdul, Executive Director operations, she will be giving out two of the biggest products on her shelf at the event.

The Quincy Herbals Skin Illuminating C-Serum, is an anti-aging product that helps fade dark spots, patches and acne scars. It has 20% of the most potent, stable form of vitamin C with Hyaluronic acid. The C-Serum will be in the ‘Swag Bag’ to be given to all presenters and performers for the Grammys scheduled for January 2018 while the Detox Tea will be the only weight loss aid to be featured in the ‘Swag Bag’ to be given to all nominees in the Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actors categories at the event.

Every warrior has his own wish in life. For former military President, Ibrahim Babangida, his greatest wish is to see his late wife, Maryam Babangida, return to life.
As December 27 is fast approaching, the former military president will be remembering his wife, who died of ovarian cancer some years ago in the United States of America.
At a recent inaugural lecture titled, “The Nigerian Woman, Before, During and After the Better Life for Rural Women: A Salute to Maryam Babangida,” he disclosed that he would establish a scholarship programme in memory of his late wife.

Loveth Ogedengbe plans Orange award
After several months of deliberation and planning, the much-publicised Orange Awards ceremony is set to hold this month in Port Harcourt, Rivers State
The promoter, Loveth Ogedengbe, who is also the publisher of Orange Magazine, said the event aimed at recognising and honouring individuals and groups who are icons in their chosen endeavours, while also impacting the populace through employment, acts of benevolence and capacity building, among others.
According to the graduate of Adult and Community Education, guests expected at the event include captains of industry and traditional rulers, among others.

Jimoh Ibrahim’s Antics
Jimoh Ibrahim, Chairman and CEO, Energy Group, is not new to controversies.
His antics don’t come as a surprise to those who know him too well. In fact, his bag of tricks is never empty.
He has been enmeshed in many controversies in the past that left many in wonderment. He has mastered his gambit so well and it’s now second to none.

But if you think you have seen enough of his tricks, you are wrong. How? For some days now, the Harvard University-trained businessman has been dancing the dance of victory following the Appeal court pronouncement declaring him the rightful owner of Newswatch newspaper.
But many say that the Ondo State-born businessman lawyer should rather not be over-joyous, as the last has not yet been heard of the case.

The recent development has further forced many to take another look at his life. Sometime in 2006 when he bought 60% stake in the defunct EAS Airline owned by former governor of Kogi State, Captain Idris Wada, he promised to salvage the company. But things went from bad to worse until the airline which was renamed Nicon Airline was grounded.

Some staff of the defunct airline recently slammed a bankruptcy suit on him and demanded that he pays them their outstanding salary arrears.
Also, in 2008, he bought Mirror Newspapers from its former publisher, Prince Emeka Obasi. He promised heaven and earth for the staff, but the promise was not kept; hence, the business collapsed like a pack of cards.
In 2010, he bought the former Virgin Airline brand and renamed it Air Nigeria. At the time, many people were skeptical about the acquisition. One year later, he proved them right, as he ran it aground in his usual manner.

At every point in time, her name keeps popping up in public discourse. People talk about her either because she is the wife of the former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu or because she is a beautiful woman and a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But beyond this, she is often spoken about because of her uncommon philanthropic gestures, a situation that has endeared her to the common people in her constituency and in other parts of the state. She is loved especially by the less privileged, widows and the elderly who are the major beneficiaries of her philanthropic gestures.
She has successfully etched her name in the sands of time. The people in her constituency in Lagos Central where she was first elected in 2011 have enjoyed good representation.

However, unlike many in her category that would want to remain in the Senate as long as they enjoy the goodwill, Spyglass gathered that the woman of substance is planning to tow the path of noble men and women across the world by quitting when the ovation is loud. A source informed us that she might not seek for re-election back to the Upper Chamber in 2019. The source revealed that this decision is largely connected to her philosophy of life; to give chance to the new breed especially the younger ones. Another source hinted that another reason for her decision was that she had completely lost confidence in the Senate and she would rather stay away from it.

Currently, there have been intensive lobby among top politicians to replace her, notable among them is Senator Musiliu Obanikoro who recently dumped his former political party, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Although it is too early to ascertain if the former High Commissioner to Ghana would be given the ticket a la carte, the source revealed. Obanikoro had earlier represented the constituency under the Alliance for Democracy, AD in 2003.