Ozone Cosmetics Introduces New Products


Solomon Elusoji
N.N FEMS Industries, owners of the Ozone brand and leading manufacturer of hair care cosmetics, have announced the introduction of three new products – the Ozone tube relaxer, apple one application pack and the Apple weave gloss. The company, which prides itself on making quality hair care products made this announcement at a media event held recently at its office in Lagos.

According to a press statement from the company, “Ozone cosmetics is positioned as a premium brand that offers all the solutions needed by consumers for major hair problems. Its innovative formula enriched with natural extracts provides outstanding results to the hair without any side effects and gives consumers social confidence and acceptance.”

Speaking at the briefing, Head, Sales and Marketing Francis Omolaiye, said “we are very excited to unveil these products which are the first of their kind in their range. The ozone relaxer is innovative, handy and portable. It pampers your hair while beautifully relaxing and straightening it. Our goal is beautifying Africa with quality products The Ozone tube relaxer conditions and moisturises your hair for healthy shine and softness during the entire relaxing process.”

Omolaiye disclosed that the company is invested in the art of constant innovation. “We have fortified the team with young and vibrant executives like Wisdom Faturoti (Brand Executive) and Franklin Ogoh-Marqus (Marketing Executive); we are constantly evolving to ensure we deliver the best range of products that will make our competitors green with envy, and also make our customer beam with pride by associating themselves with our brand.”

Furthermore, Omolaiye noted that the product ensures the hair is soft to the touch, silky straight, and healthy-looking, as it contains ingredients that strengthens and replenishes conditioning agents into the hair. It is available in 175g pack size.
“Over the years, there has been an increase in demand for this product,” he said. “This prompted us to reinvent and make it portable.”

Also speaking at the event, the Chief Operating Officer, Mr Chudi Igwe, reassured all stakeholders that the organisation will be at the forefront of innovation by pushing boundaries to ensure that it is driven by its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence.

“The new Apple one application pack is an all-in-one, no mix relaxer system that is uniquely formulated to impart advanced moisturising and softening effect on hair during the entire application process. It conditions and transforms naturally curly and kinky hair into shiny permanently relaxed/straightened tresses.

It leaves hair softer, silkier and more manageable during styling for beautifully straight, smooth and strengthened hair with radiant shine. It contains conditioning crème relaxer, Neutralising shampoo, Instant hair conditioner, Super setting lotion, Hair oil and Coconut oil hair conditioner,” the release said.