20 Things You Need to Do Before You Become 30


The question I get most times when I discuss on this topic would be but I’m already above 30, and my response is always then this is 20 things you are long overdue to have done before you become 30.

We would test our financial intelligence with the twenty questions below, and you score yourself a point for every affirmative answer you give, at the​ end you total the numbers of affirmative answers and we can discuss about the results.

20 things you need to do before you become 30:


Have you discovered your natural abilities?

The first thing you must do before you become 30 is to discover your natural abilities/talents, the discovery on how to contribute to life is what sets you apart.

Have you learnt how to use your gifting to solve problem definitely?

The second thing you must do before turning 30 is to learn how your natural abilities can solve problems definitely, the present of the gifting is not as important as to how the gifting works.

Have you caught an idea of how to make money?

know how people need you, You must Master certain things you can do so very well that it can solve problem for people to the point where they will be willing to pay for it.


Do you have a library?

Before turning 30 years you should have a library; you should owe a minimum of 30 books, read good books.


Are you known for something?

You should be known for a specific thing, write it down, what would you be known for, great men are known for specific thing, have you began working on it, have you started doing something about it.

Do you have a mentor?

A  Japanese adage says: “Better than a thousand days of a diligent search is a day with a great teacher”. You need a mentor over your life. Mentors are people who are already where we hope to be.

Do you have enough savings to last you for 6 months if you lost your job?

Your ability to save enough money to last you for 6 months will give you the leverage to start pursuing your passion.


Do you save money on a regular basis?

Wealth can only increase by your ability to retain it; so you must save on a regular basis, you must make it a habit to always​ pay yourself first.


Do you document your financial goals?

Failure to plan is planning to fail, you can never get to your financial future without a well written plan on how to get there, the more specific your goals are the better, your financial goal should be specific, measurable, achievable and a deadline attached to it.


Do you keep record of your expenses?

Tracking your expenses is one of the key factors in making your budget work for you. If you don’t know how much you spend every month, you can’t plan your financial future properly.

Do you know your present financial net worth?

Until you are aware of your present financial net worth, there is relatively nothing anyone can do to help you.

Are you satisfied with your present state?

The next question after determining your financial net worth would be are you satisfied with it, if you are not, then you should start taking definite steps on how to improve on it.

You should invest money in obtaining financial education?

The best investment anyone can give to himself is self development, until you start investing in financial education, you will always remain at the same level of your present financial state.

Are you building your brand?

If you aren’t working on becoming the top google result when people search for something in relation to your brand, then you are doing something very wrong for your business.

Are you learning how to build a network?

Have you noticed all major businesses in the world have one thing in common- people. You will always need people; you need them to help you produce.

Do you have a small business or website?

With so many resources available on how to turn your passion into a paycheck, you could discover a truly awesome opportunity by putting your interests to work for you.


Have you started doing your dream job (in any way you can)?

A lot of times our 9- to -5 doesn’t quite match up with our dream job situation in our head. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do it in some capacity. If you want to be a fashion designer, then become a contributor to your favourite fashion site. Just because you are not getting paid for it yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue it.


Do you have a plan for your children’s school?

A major part of our income would go into educating our children, and as the family increases so also the pressure on your income, the ability to save for them will help you handle their education with ease when they start coming.


Do you have a plan to retire in comfort?

Most people would be surprise that one should be planning for his retirement at just 30 years of age, my answer will be yes, start very early to plan your retirement.


Do you have a land in your state of residence or origin?

Another major source where our income goes into would be housing (rent) and if we can solve the challenge of housing/rent, it will go a long way in improving our financial status.

We are not poor because we do not have money; we are poor because we lack financial intelligence.

  • Olodu keonyedi – is a trained engineer and by passion and personal development a public/motivational speaker, a business coach and human capacity developer, he has a B.Eng degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, he is a member of Nigeria Society of Engineer and a certified COREN registered Engineer

Email: olodukeonyedi@gmail.com. Tel: 0803748970