The Return of Munira Marwa


Every day in the life of Munira Marwa portends a fresh adventure; it’s enchanting, melodic, like the coming together of lovelorn soul mates caught in an interminable whirlpool of passion. Perhaps it’s her captivating beauty, maybe it’s her capacity to win and tame even the most frigid heart that enchants her husband and binds him to her love – for each day spent in her presence necessitates a fresh wooing.

And her husband, Col. Buba Marwa, former military administrator of Lagos and former Nigerian ambassador to South Africa is definitely up to the task. Every day, he treats Hajia Munira to fresh treat and goes out of his way to ensure that she enjoys the best their marriage can give. However, Munira’s joy is two-fold; while she savours the joy of her blissful marriage, she is making a momentous return to the social scene.

It would be recalled that before she disappeared from the social arena, Munira was a preeminent personality and guest at many high octane shindigs where her very colourful lace materials caught the attention and admiration of all and sundry.

Munira is back with a bang and she is set to reclaim her prized spot in the social circuit. A courteous woman, Munira incontestably occupies respectable spot in the pantheons of Nigeria’s high society. She is enthrallingly beautiful, approachable and very fashionable too thus making her the darling of the high society.