Can Maina be Buhari’s Turning Point?

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To cut a long story short, Alhaji Abdulrasheed Abdullahi Maina came into national limelight in 2013 when, as chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reform, he was accused of perpetrating a fraud running into over N100 billion. The senate committee probing the matter invited him to testify but he refused — while regularly driving in and out of Aso Rock to demonstrate his closeness to President Goodluck Jonathan. Maina thought he was untouchable. The pressure mounted, senate issued a bench warrant and he soon ran out of the country, absconding from duty and getting dismissed from the civil service in return. The EFCC also declared him wanted.

Four years later — and two years into “change” — top officials of the Buhari administration arranged an elaborate scheme to bring Maina back to the country in a blaze of glory. He literally rode on a donkey to the shouts of “Hosanna” — if we are to believe his family, who claimed the “pension messiah” was actually invited back from exile to be part of Buhari’s Team Change. He was reinstated and promoted from deputy director to director instantly. With a little luck, he was well on his way to becoming permanent secretary. He could even become a minister, an ambassador or a governor. He could become president, why not? This is Nigeria, remember?

From all the memos that are now available in the public domain, Mr. Abubakar Malami, the attorney-general of the federation, Gen. Abdurrahman Dambazau, the minister of interior, and Mrs Winifred Oyo-Ita, the head of service, all participated one way or the other in formalising Maina’s reinstatement. How much President Muhammadu Buhari knew about this perfidy will continue to be a subject of speculation, but at least he quickly seized the moral high ground by ordering the sack of Maina when Premium Times, the investigative online newspaper, blew the lid. It is impossible to cut this long story short, but that is the tragicomedy in three paragraphs.

The Maina story illustrates everything that is wrong with Nigeria. Most of the ingredients for the underdevelopment of Nigeria are contained in the saga. One, wickedness in high places. After workers have served Nigeria all their youthful and productive years, they spend their old age chasing their pensions up and down. Some are owed years in arrears. The regular excuse is that there is no money to pay them. In retirement, they usually face critical health issues — high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure and such like. And, what a pity, they will have no money for treatment. Yet their pension is their right. It is their sweat, their blood. But who cares?

A pension reform chairman is accused of fraud running into billions of naira. Yet he lives in opulence, too much for a civil servant. But who cares? He is well dressed, well groomed and handsome-looking, and allegedly owns the best of mansions and all manner of property home and abroad — while the old, ragged pensioners struggle in pain and in vain, day and night, to collect their entitlements. My heart melted the day I saw a picture on the front page of Nigerian Tribune many years ago: a pensioner had collapsed and died at a verification centre, and — with his shrouded dead body serving as backdrop — the rest pensioners remained glued to the bench waiting for Godot.

The question you would ask yourself is: why on earth would anyone born of a woman see the sufferings of these old people and remain heartless? Why would anybody deny these hapless pensioners their entitlements in that old age under the guise of “no money” while stealing, wasting and mismanaging the resources? It takes a conscience seared with iron to be so callous. It takes a wicked conscience to be frolicking and gallivanting while denying workers and pensioners the legitimate reward of their sweat. Any country that treats workers and pensioners with this wickedness can never make progress. I want to be contradicted with hard evidence.

Two, the Maina story tells the story of impunity. You mean a man declared wanted by the EFCC can confidently return to the country with the help of top officials of a government that claims to be fighting corruption? You mean the police and the Department of State Service (DSS) could provide security for the fugitive? You mean he could be promoted instantly? Impunity is well captured in Yoruba language as “tani o mumi?” That is, “who the hell can touch me”? There is this air among the Nigerian elite that they can do anything and get away with it. Nobody can touch them. They kill and steal and get medals in return. Impunity is the name of the game.

When President Buhari assumed office two years ago, I wrote an article, “The One Thing Buhari Must Do” (July 5, 2015). I said if the president would have just a one-point agenda, it should be an all-out war against impunity. In place of “War against Corruption”, I proposed “War against Impunity”. There would always be corruption, I said, as there is no corruption-free country in the world. However, what gives Nigeria the gold medal is impunity. Impudence. Effrontery. The audacity with which laws are violated and corruption is implemented in Nigeria is incredible. Any country practising such impunity can never develop. I want to be contradicted with hard evidence.

The third aspect of the Maina story that captures Nigeria’s underdevelopment is shamelessness. In a civilised country, in a country where people have a sense of shame, those implicated in the scandal would have resigned by now. I am not even suggesting that they should be sacked — that is another matter entirely. I am saying on their own, having let this country down badly, they should have left government. But there is no sense of shame in Nigeria. If we had shame, Nigeria would not be where it is today. Most of the people in government are shameless. Show me a country ruled by shameless people and I will show you a doomed society. I want to be contradicted with hard evidence.

When we discuss the underdevelopment of Nigeria, it is usually the story of wickedness, impunity and shamelessness in high places. It takes absolute wickedness to see the suffering of the people and not be bothered, and continue to loot and rape with impunity and shamelessness. I am forced to ask and ask again and again: who in government really cares about the plight of Nigerians? Across the length and breadth of this country, only a few states consider payment of salaries and pensions as priority. They would rather mould graven images or go for lesser hajj or build ultra-modern governor’s lodge than meet their basic obligations to the people.

Meanwhile, Buhari’s government is beginning to lose it — as evident in the incredible attempt to hold Jonathan’s “loyalists” responsible for the recall of Maina. It is getting ridiculous. For some of us who are not interested in the silly politics between PDP and APC but are more anxious about the progress of Nigeria, it would be most catastrophic if the Maina scandal ends up as a political game. No. This cannot be treated as politics. We are discussing the present and the future of Nigeria. PDP and APC can burn to ashes for all I care. We are discussing wickedness, impunity and shamelessness in high places. Both the PDP and APC have these vices in their bones. Nobody can fool us.

Maina and Malami could well be archetypes of the kind of characters that preside over the affairs of Nigeria, from federal to state and council levels. They are everywhere. But I find it most heartbreaking that President Buhari has watched this perfidy without plucking out the culprits and crushing them. The biggest credential Buhari brought to this game was his anti-corruption resume. But in his cabinet are many ministers who ordinarily ought to be in jail as we speak. Since Buhari cannot jail them, he can at least fire them and hand them over to the EFCC. But maybe we are asking for too much. The Babachir Lawal saga remains a low point for this government. What a shame.

I have not said Maina is definitely guilty. That is the job of the courts. However, the manner of his reinstatement clearly suggests something is not right. Something is horribly wrong with those who thought they could have gone away with such treachery in this day and age. What the hell were they thinking? By the way, every administration faces a turning point. It is the point where things tip over irredeemably, where opponents, neutrals and die-hard supporters come together. The widespread reactions to the Maina saga suggest this could be the tipping point for Buhari. Many Nigerians have been too accommodating and too considerate. They are being taken for granted.

I would, therefore, leave Buhari with these words: Mr. President, your government is falling apart. You need to act fast. You came to office with a promise to change the way things are done, to give us a new direction, to heal our wounds, to belong to nobody, to belong to everybody, to make Nigerians dream again. Mr. President, go back to your inauguration speech, the speech you delivered so eloquently on May 29, 2015 at the Eagle Square, Abuja. Read the speech again, word-for-word. Reflect over it. You renewed our hopes. You made us feel it was the dawn of a new era. It has become extremely urgent for you to retrace your steps. Tomorrow may be too late.




Senator Hamman Isah Misau has been making a series of damaging allegations against Mr. Ibrahim Idris, the Inspector General of Police. Ordinarily, these allegations are enough for Buhari to suspend Idris pending investigation. Instead, Idris went to court to stop the senate from investigating him. And the attorney-general has even filed a libel case against Misau. Quick question: can the libel case stand given the “parliamentary privilege” that prevents a lawmaker from being sued for statements made in the chamber of the National Assembly? Furthermore, I thought many courts have ruled that you cannot stop the legislature from doing its job? Wonders.


It has happened again. Another appointee has rejected his appointment. Justice Ayo Salami, former president of the Court of Appeal, has turned down his appointment as chairman of the Corruption and Financial Crime Cases Trial Monitoring Committee (COTRIMCO). The National Judicial Council (NJC) had named Salami as head of the committee in an initiative aimed at helping the anti-graft war. One big challenge of the war is the way judges and lawyers conspire to delay cases forever and ever. Many Nigerians, including President Buhari, welcomed the idea of CONTRIMCO. But was Salami not informed before his name was announced? Astonishing.


There is something I will never understand even if I live for 200 years — why on earth a governor would spend hundreds of millions of naira to build a statue in honour of an enemy of Nigeria. I would understand if he had tarred the roads, electrified rural communities, provided the villages with water, put public schools in good shape, paid every worker and every pensioner, put the hospitals in good shape and built a legacy that will outlive him. In building a graven image for President Jacob Zuma of South Africa and asking his critics to go to hell, Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state has hit an all-time low. Nonsense.


Folarin Falana, the multi-talented entertainer better known as Falz, touched a raw nerve in me recently when he said Nigerian artistes are not to blame for the poor lyrical content of their songs. According to Falz, “Music of today truly lacks content, but it is hardly the fault of the musician, as Nigerians just want to dance.” A day earlier, I was lamenting to my wife over the reduction of music to just women, cars and money and she said “this is what the current generation wants”. Falz is obviously right, but I am convinced this generation can raise its own Felas and Bob Marleys to arouse its conscience. There is more to life than Ferrari and Gucci. Values.

  • Iorsy k

    Hi SK, the meaning of “I belong to nobody and belong everybody” has since changed. Buhari support both the corrupt and incorruptible. He has long compromised! There is no hope of reversing from all indications.

  • ychukwuka

    If I am you Simon, seeing all the comments here, I will turn to a new leaf. You are pointing hands at politicians who loot to an extent Satan is amazed without looking at yourself. Is this trash you are writing every week your best? No! but brown envelope or hope for appointment or brown envelope wouldn’t allow you to do the needful. Healer, heal yourself. As you do that, enjoy your government of change.

  • Arabakpura

    Gen Buhari does not have the mental capacity to superintend anything apart from frowning his face and asking soldiers to go and decimate civilians! We have been fooled again but our foolishness has also come with tremendous experience that future leaders shall have no such luxury of fooling the populace! It is either they do well or they will be troubled for the duration of their regime! The choice is very clear for everyone!

  • PureWater1985

    Why wasting your time advising muhammadu buhari who had a CLEAR CUT northern/fulani/Islamic agenda before he came to power? The man seems to be hell bent on achieving that objective.

  • Moneyz N Horseyz

    The alarming rate at which these hypocrites like Simon and co. are labouring to make us aware that Buhari is unaware of the corruption in his government, it won’t be shocking if we get told some day that Buhari is not aware that he’s the President of Nigeria.

    • Dayo Akom

      You are correct, we may be told in no distance future that Buhari was never won the election but PDP put him there to disgrace him. They can even take the stupidity to a higher level by saying that Buhari was never swore in as the President of the country after all , Col Ali of custom told to the entire world that PDP people are the one running and ruining the government.

      • Moneyz N Horseyz


  • I wonder if this anti corruption war is only for the federal government alone. The turning point for me, is within our family, community and local government. Well done SK.

  • Cheta God

    Please leave the case of Isa Salami out of this. He knows he has not sufficiently cleared himself to merit this appointment. Had he gone ahead to accept the job, Nigerians would have told him that we have long memories.

  • Kelly

    Simon The coward!! This guy thinks he is so smart… What a little man he is.

  • RumuPHC

    Expectations of a turning point in PMB’s presidency could as well be akin to waiting for Godot.

    Quite naturally the Maina saga and other equally outrageous revelations of maladministration and abuse of office occurring within the last two years of PMB administration ought to act to spur Buhari to make significant mid term corrects to return his government back to track.

    Unfortunately we know this is not going to be possible. The rot is deeply entrenched ,largely structural and it will be difficult to expect much from the same stable. Buhari alone cannot run his administration. PMB is advanced in age, not in sound health and apparently not blessed with a followership that shares his perception of what public service is about. Change without change agents is not realizable.

    It is however noteworthy and highly commendable that the innermost confidants of PMB including ardent supporters are calling out Buhari and pointing out the foibles of PMB’s administration. From Aisha Buhari to Col Ali and Eni B to Simon Kolawole . This is how it should be- loyalty and support must no be blind and detrimental to national development.

    GEJ could have been better for it had Dame Patience and supporters of his PDP administration raised similar concerns when it became obvious that the previous administration was headed for catastrophic failure.

    That a turning point will be difficult to achieve by PMB is apparent from the fact that Buhari did not need to wait thus far . A team manager waiting for half time before making changes could probably end up with such a large goal deficit that recovery will be impossible. Furthermore, it is the quality of the bench that will determine the nature of changes . Buhari’s faction of APC does not appear to be blessed with individuals with stellar qualities and any attempt to source externally will be fatal to the cohesion of his political group.

    PMB’s administration is obviously locked in a self inflicted paralysis . The core of Buhari follwership from CPC is inexperienced and poor while cotravellers from PDP and Tinubu’s ACN even though experienced and rich are highly ambitious. The sum total of this is in fighting for position for power and influence peddling, and mutual distrust including sabotage.

    It will be wishful thinking to believe that Buhari can reign in all these forces and achieve anything meanful in the remaining 1 yr before the bedlam of 2019 elections engulfs the country once more.

  • Jon West

    You have to give up on Simon Afonja Kolawole. The DNA of Afonja can be too strong to overcome. We have to bear that in mind.

    • Rotimi Lawanson

      @Jon I hate to agree with you but you are correct. We have a section of shameless apologists and bootlickers of the North. Simon is a shameless example of that. A coward who will bark at any Southerner but keep quiet when his masters act. Go on lap dog Simon!!

      • Don Franco

        Dear Rotimi Lawanson,

        Simon being from Kwara, like Bukola, considers himself a “northerner” and Northern Yoruba. As far he’s concerned, he’s part of their intelligentsia, like Sulu Gambari and Olusola Saraki b4 him..

  • Adeyemi Owolabi

    Very funny! Simon wants Buhari to go back and read the speech he delivered two years ago.
    Did he tell you he has the time to read? The man is a failure who cannot sack those he employed. A righteous man would be mindful of those of his associates so that their failings may not become his.

  • Lawrenece Ifo

    ”Whether Buhari knew about the perfidy is a matter of speculation”

    But in the case of Jonathan,Simon nwa Kolawole knew as a matter of fact that Maina’s going in and out of aso rock is an appearance of his close association with Jonathan???Afonja!

    So now,they are struggling to tell us that Buhari,the former so called general with a peculair body language(odor) that is attributed with the power of changing everything can be execused based on assumption of sudden ignorant when it comes to just knowing that his fellow Fulani(haters of money) in his government of change have cleared another fellow haters of money to come and help in the running of his ostensible government of integrity by the haters of money and for the haters of money?

    Off course,in the mindset of hypocrites such as Simon, Buhari will not know but Jonathan suppose to know everything.Just the same way they expected Igbos to know everything another Igbo man wanted to do and used as excuse to disembowel pregnant women and crushed theur fetuses.Call it hate speech!

    But I love the way this haters of money and agents of change are dealing with those who gave them the to do whatever they know how do best …kikikikikiki.

  • Curious One

    When bad thing happen for GEJ time, na I’m fault….when bad thing happen for PMB time, na the fault of those around him…hahahahahahah ! Very patronizing.

  • Olisa Chukwuma

    Dear Simon

    Buhari “seized the moral high ground by firing him”? Really? In the words of Senator Shehu Sani, this is “perfumed” jornalism on blatant incompetence and rank corruption.

  • Thompson Iyeye

    Impunity together with its siblings wickedness and shamelessness, were conceived, born and nurtured in the Nigerian polity, by the military. It is in the DNA of the Nigerian military. Other Nigerians have also copied, in an attempt to match the military in their obnoxious game. Impunity is everywhere, from the men of God to the ungodly men of the underworld. We lost the opportunity to rid the country of these bad traits, by giving ex-military despots another go to run the country, after their spectacular failures leading up to 1999.

    This Maina case is perhaps a tip of the iceberg, as there are certainly more of such similar cases, giving the way and manner Buhari made appointments and has carried on in this binge of maladministration. The Maina case is certainly not Buhari’s turning point. He long passed his turning point, but there was no turn. There will never be a turning point as long as the politics of the country is such that various sections of the society see their agenda as being pursued, even by a president who is shameless, wicked and damns any consequence of his bad actions.

    At the end of the day, the shame is on us all who chose to bring back the likes of Buhari, to take us back to the military days of impunity. Particularly shameful was the sellout by the press who betrayed the public by misleading it with lies, to foist the wrong man as president on us. Shameful.

    • remm ieet

      You are right. Military men have no sense of accountability. It is just unfortunate that we are learning the hard way.

  • Country man

    Mr Simon,

    I just wish you would write an article that will hit the nail on the head without pandering to sentiments.
    First, Buhari’s govt is not losing it, they have never been on the right track. Everything has just been noise and hot air with no real substance.
    The corruption fighting noise should have been seen as ruse by a vigilant fourth estate before now. Its only a war against political enemies.

    Trying to distance Buhari from all these corrupt happenings is laughable. The buck stops at his table and he bears responsibility for what happens during his administration

    YOU make the mistake of trying to convince readers that Buhari has the nations best interest at heart, therefore he can hopefully change things positively. That won’t happen because even if he is well intentioned(which looks very unlikely considering his nepotism) he lacks the intellectual capacity to think out the right thing or understand the right decisions with which to move this country forward.

    The TRUTH should be clear by now:-
    Buhari— whose children school abroad, who takes medical vacation abroad, who corruptly enriches himself with illegal oil contracts, who turns a blind eye to the corruption of acquaintances, who deludes himself that he is the messiah Nigeria needs and that he can provide a solution without listening to the people— is not the right leader for this country(although the structure and system is more culpable than the man).
    Its time you admit just like your fellow journalist Sonala Olumhense did that this govt has failed

  • Fidelis Arumala

    Dear Simon,

    What you call WICKEDNESS is the 97% vs 5% strategy implementation.

    What you call IMPUNITY is Nepotism and cronyism that has been institutionalized by Buhari as a system of governance.

    What you call SHAMELESSNESS, is the aloofness Buhari is noted for, while burying his head like an OSTRICH.

    Simon, please say things as they are. Why always the GENUFLECTING? Why the CANT? Why this HYOPCRISY from a seasoned journalist like you. I am getting exasperated by your column these days.

    • remm ieet

      Maina knew Jonathan wanted northern friends to cement his authority as president. Which is natural for men at that level of governance. But Maina is too selfish and backward in his thinking that he saw it as opportunity to take the money left in his care without accountability. So he used his closeness to the then president to loot from pension fund, thinking in his convoluted head that he wouldn’t have any case to answer. That explained his open display of wealth, for a man who should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. Buhari reinstated him because he is from the north. After all, the looting did not happen under his government. How can he explain his reinstatement if it is not tainted with ethnicity?

  • Don Franco

    Dear Simon,

    Your mumu don start again. Why is your op-ed concentrated on the corruption, impunity and wickedness in the “high places” of AGF Abubakar Malami, Abdulrahman Danbazau and Winifred Oyo-Ita? Without Buhari’s knowledge and consent did anything happens that did happen.

    Simon, but for your chronic disingenuous habit of never calling out the person of President Buhari in his individual capacity; but always blaming his minions; who in any event acted under his specific instructions; that’s the reason it would have been better for you to not write about these things. You lament about the plight of pensioners, but you exculpate the “main” culprit and bulwark of their oppression.

    Were you not in Nigeria when Maikanti Baru said 3 weeks ago that he got Buhari’s signature and approval to sign $24 billion oil contacts; this when Buhari was sick and infirm in a London hospital? Remember that Buhari said he signed over authority to VP Osinbajo; who himself came out and contradicted Baru.

    All ministers, especially and including AGF Malami, Danbazau and Oyo-Ita would never have invited Mr. Maina back to Nigeria from Dubait, reinstated and promoted him into the civil service without the express knowledge and approval of Buhari. It’s impossible and that is what you should be writing about, without or favour, Simon. Further, how do you explain that Maine was provided with security by the very same DSS who wrote to the Senate that Ibrahim Magu is compromised and cannot be trusted to fight corruption?
    Lawan Daura, the DG of DSS, Danbazau who’s Minister of Interior (remember he smuggled late President Yaradua”s corpse in and out of Abuja; and owns a $5 million mansion in Silversprings, MD, USA); and AGF Malami all couldn’t have installed Maina back without first of all getting Buhari’s approval, that’s why non of them has bothered to make any statements, like Baru of the NNPC, they’re confident of the authority under which they brought Maina back. As far as they’re concerned, the man, Maina, has been removed; that should be the end of the matter. It is significant to note here that even yourself, Simon, didn’t say anything about retrieval of the =N=100 billion Naira that Maina stole from pensioners; money, part of which he used to buy his way back into office with Buhari’s support and approval as a northerner.

    Simon, your cowardice and weakness of character is responsible for your manifest inability to ever call out President Buhari after you have poured out so much invective on APC Ana PDP; you cannot call him out because you feel ashamed and guilty for your endorsement of his person in 2015, you don’t want to be seen to be disowninng him; so you’d rather blame his ministers for acting under his instruction, and believe that Nigerians can’t see through you

    • Chichi Girl

      Yikes ! Angry much?. Well written don. I can’t for the life of me understand the palpable fear journalists have for Buhari. Simon article was really good especially when he addressed impunity, shamelessness and wickedness as the bane of our nation’s problem but he should not have exonerated Buhari. The man is as corrupt as they come.

      • Don Franco

        Dear Chichi Girl,

        Cowards die many times b4 their death; journalists are well aware that the DSS underground cells is not a joke; they’re reluctant to join Zakzakky and Nnamdi Kanu there, hell, even Dasuki is now begging for water to cool his tongue. ..

        It’s not enough to circumlocute around wickedness, impunity and corruption and then turn around and give soft-landing to the main perpetrator, for fear of not being appointed Spokesman, or of being incarcerated. Nothing can be more cowardly.

      • Akin Malaolu

        How do you roped Buhari into the saga. Whatever explanation you may have would sink you deeper into ‘STUPIDITY’. If you are ignorant, learn Public Administration from knowledgeable practitioners.

        • austin

          Nobody roped him in. He is the one with the ropes, and roped himself in all by himself. He is in charge. He is responsible for anything that happens on his watch. He cannot be in charge, enjoy the privileges of being in charge without the responsibilities. It is not done like that anywhere in the world. He appointed the AGF and the internal affairs Minister and they all act on his behalf. The stupid postulations by Shehu are actually seen to also come from Buhari, well till he disowns and sacks them publicly.
          He hasn’t seen it fit to sack any of his minister despite the gross underperformance. Considering it took him six painful months to find them, they’ll probably stay till the end.

          • Truth Konveyor

            As he would take responsibility when one randy policeman impregnates your mother? When people talk the way you just did I wonder whether some are born with goats heads.

          • austin

            Pause, go out for a walk, come back, and reread what you just wrote. If you still find it proper to have written this without having the goat brain, it is alright then. The Almighty is quite creative and gives us challenges. However, if you feel you had a burst of blood to the brain when you wrote this, it is also alright as people make mistakes.

          • Truth Konveyor

            You really love your mother; enough not to wish her to fall a victim of our uniformed men’s sexual escapades even it would give you something to blame Buhari for.
            Buhari is also somebody’s father, you know?

          • austin

            I get it. You are the BOP of the BMC.

          • Don Franco

            Dear Truth Konveyor,

            You should be ashamed of yourself. .. I wouldn’t have responded to you at all; if l were Austin. .. Good upbringing shines thru; you know. …

          • austin

            You can imagine what he is teaching his children. That is the worrisome part.

          • Don Franco

            But we teach our children what our parents taught us… you see.

          • Truth Konveyor

            Upbringing traits could be amenable to rehabilitating therapy unlike when hatred and bigotry are entrenched in the human genetic repertoire. I respond not because of the incurable you, but for the undiscerning public.
            No amount of your animosity will derail Buhari and his government from delivering on his electoral promises and getting rewarded with reelection in 2019. You would then realise that the only remedy to your pitiable and self inflicted condition might just be a one-way ticket to the lagoon.

          • Don Franco

            Dear Truth Konveyor,

            Behavior can change, but character remains the same; especially when you appropriate an entire public as “undiscerning”. If you weren’t a government planted troll on this forum, you will not use the words, Buhari, Delivery, Electoral Promises; and Reelection in 2019; in one sentence, as these words don’t apply in subject or predicate to the Certificateless One.
            We shall see about the lagoon; after I have bought it all up and sandfilled it….

          • Chym

            Oh many lunatics in the zoo

          • Uche

            Why bother yourselves to reply to this guy?

        • Chichi Girl

          Poor u. Ur write up displays ur IQ level. Can’t deal

    • Mystic mallam

      Hi Don, you’ve said everything I’d have loved to say, only better of course, about Mr Simon Kolawole, the trophy holder among teeming equivocators of the Nigerian press. He even said that Buhari ‘took the moral high ground’ by ordering Maina’s sack as if that was some heavy punishment for Billionaire Maina. Moral high ground would have been ordering the immediate arrest of Maina, immediate sack of Malami, Danbazzau, and immediate suspension of Oyo-Ita until her actual role in the scandal is verified. Mr Kolawole knows quite well that Maina signifies not what is wrong with Nigeria as he wants us to believe, Maina signifies what is wrong with Buhari and his jaundiced administration – that’s how to call a spade by its name, a spade. Simon says Buhari’s regime ‘is beginning to lose it’ – Beginning? Shame! Then he goes on to allocate the blames between APC and PDP. Agreed that the PDP is also a party of thieves and looters, but on this Maina beatification, what has the PDP got to do with it? Nonsense.

      • Don Franco

        Greetings, Mystic Man!

        I’m hardly worthy to buckle your sandals in written English; but Simon shouldn’t be so utterly deviod of fortitude and shame, I believe he writes these indefensible crap to keep the attention of Lawan Daura at DSS; at least until he’s appointed Presidential Spokesman in 2019; how he figures that President Buhari will be reelected is beyond me.
        At any rate, with the likes of you and I, including the majority of Nigerians that are fed up with his deceptive articles that are expressly calculated to misguide the undiscerning; he and his paymasters will have a hard time. .. We must call them out at every turn.

        • John

          Well articulated comments folks.

          Can you imagine a Simon Kolawole as spokesperson for any Nigerian President? it sucks when i think about it and I hope it’s just a bad dream. Simon would be worst than the likes of the infamous Chukwumerije of the Abacha era.

          • Don Franco

            I couldn’t agree more..

    • onyema22ohaka

      You said all and very well articulated too!

    • Truth Konveyor

      Buhari’s hatred runs in your blood. How you have been able to find air to breathe these past two years beggars belief. Horrible people called human beings!

      • Cheta God

        No insults please. Make your own point

        • Truth Konveyor

          Oops! How can I descend to your level? The only issues you had with the columnist are that he failed to take out Buhari (a name that can give your wife miscarriage) and demonise him.
          Look in the mirror and see how horrible hatred and bigotry can transmute a mere mortal.

      • Don Franco

        Desk Truth Misconveyor,

        Am I really supposed to dignify this with a response?….

      • Chym

        You’re an uneducated almajiri

    • Rotimi Lawanson

      God Bless you for calling that pusillanimous lily livered clown of a journalist, Simon , what he really is. This is a guy who was so bold under Jonathan. Surely, we are now seeing all the hypocrites and false prophets who told us all kinds of things. Thank God for exposing them all. We will never forget and may they hide their faces in ignominy starting with Asiwaju. It shall never be well with them for bringing us to this sorry impasse again where people who should not be in any such positions are ruling over us. Simon, you are a pathetic sight for a journalist. Just know that your Cable News will not be able to save you. You are your paper and your paper is you. If you ever in the future say anything about any leader, we will be there to remind you that you are a coward of highest dimensions.

      • Don Franco

        Dear Mr. Lawanson,

        I thank you for concisely hitting the nail in the head, Simon and his gang need to know that many of us are fooled. .. we’ll meet them at the gates of 2019.

        • Dayo Akom

          Mr Don,
          I would have love to join you in being optimistic about getting rid of the certificateless in 2019, but it is easy to give a cup of water to baboon but the problem is how to collect the cup after the baboon has finished the water without braking the cup.

          • Don Franco

            At some point the monkey will get tired and release the cup, is my opinion.

      • Uche

        A better way to express your feeling is to stop buying their paper. Thank God for Internet. We can now read national news online.

    • Uche

      Have you forgotten that he is a Yoruba man – a Yoruba elite for that matter!

      • Don Franco

        Oga Uche,

        The last time I checked; him say he be northerner from Ilorin for Kwara State….

        • Uche

          A northerner will not exhibit kolawoles’s unprincipled nature. He will be bold to speak truth to authority or defend her till thy kingdom come if he is pro-government. And by the way States of origin are political constructs of military misadventure into our polity. I am Igbo first and foremost. It precedes and supersedes my state of origin – Imo State.Great response to Kolawale’s trash – sorry article.

        • Chym

          Hmm…. Not surprised but anyway na dem dem

      • Chym


        • Uche

          To frank l am shocked to see myself ethnicising this issue in view of the fact l am Igbo by nature but Yoruba by nurture. I spent all my life from age 3 in Lagos and almost all my Childhood friends are Yorubas.

          But when l saw the views of my closest childhood on issues -political restructuring, human rights, rule of law, freedom of expression, since Buhari/APC administration. I was shocked and dumbfounded. They were diametrically opposite to all the stance we held as teenagers and undergraduates in the 80s and 90s during military dictatorship. When l confronted him in his double-standard, he called me a waiter. He attacked me that l was unhappy and butter that he voted for Buhari and his vote contributed to Jonathon defeat. This was somebody who knew l was never a fan of Jonathan In fact we use to riddle Jonathan in our political exchanges by itemizing his unforced errors in governance . When l decided to forcefully confront him by responding to his pro-Buhari/A PC Facebook commentaries and exposing his cowardice and unprincipleness – just like Kolawole in his articles – he unfriended me on his page and blocked my access to his posting.

          That was a turning point in my perception of tribe that has been part of my entire life. To me now an average Yoruba – particularly the elites are jans-faced and double- tongued

          • Chym

            This is some of the problem I have with some of my Igbo brothers and sisters who live in the west most especially in Lagos, they do claim that the Yoruba are kinda “good” cos the grow up there etc but thank God that you later recognized who the Yoruba are. They can never change their double face and treachery cos that’s who they are, it’s in their DNA.

            I was born in Biafra land and grew up in Biafra land but I have lived in the north and west and I have read about these tribes and my father has told us (his children) his encounter with the Yoruba while he was in Lagos b4 the war and also I have read history account about the role Yoruba people played in the Biafra – Nigeria war. We all know the role Awolowo(hell b upon him) played and how he starved our people and gave those that have bank account £20 even if they have millions. Also Awo (hbh) started tribal politics in Nigeria when Zik won him in the west. So every Igbo should know history and also tell their children about who we are. Some of us didn’t see the war but we all know what happened not that we read it from books, you know FG bound history in our schools but we were told the history of the war by our parents.

            Why won’t your Yoruba friends turned against you and vote an irredeemable incompetent visionless Buhari when they felt that their rivals Igbo have taken over GEJ govt? They prefer an illiterate herdsman than an educated GEJ so as to keep Igbo down.

            Bro the Yorubas are evil, they’re our number one enemy. Hausas are simple people compare to the Yoruba. Yoruba are fetish and envious souls.

  • MDG2020

    Shameless and IRREDEEMABLE simon, please leave Jonathan out of your frustration for once. Jonathan never forced you to campaign for buhari, neither did he force you to vote buhari!
    Just enjoy your 8yrs of Chanji peacefully or take Jona to Court if you have proof he is the one sitting on your brown envelope, or dreamland political appointment.
    After all your conspiracy was: anything but Jonathan. Now you have a handful and you still won’t let the man rest!
    You haven’t seen frustration yet. Just wait for 2019 buhari/burantai general election, Una eye go clear. Those who sow wind, must live to reap whirlwind.