‘I Feel Great at 50’ 


He is the unseen face at popular celebrity hangout, O’jez Entertainment, and that is because he works behind the scene. 

Mr. Ifeanyi Clement Odobeatu, C.E.O of Fantex Ventures and younger brother of the very popular owner of O’jez Entertainment Group, Chief Joseph Odobeatu, just turned 50 last week, October 14 to be precise, and he had every reason to roll out loud drums in celebration at O’jez restaurant, National Stadium, Surulere-Lagos. 

“It is great to get to 50, in fact, I feel great being 50,” he told reporters at the event. 

Asked if he had any regrets, the younger Odobeatu quickly answered: “None, no regrets whatsoever. I have done what most 50 year-olds should do, and 50 years is like the half time in a football match, so what is left is to ensure one wins the game in the remaining half of life’s race. Nobody knows tomorrow, only God, so the remaining years He has given us after 50 is for us to consolidate on some of the things we could not do before we got to 50, make things right in the sight of God and man and that is all…” 

On why he prefers to be out of social limelight and plays behind the scene at O’jez. “O’jez (Joseph Odobeatu) is my elder brother, we have been together all our lives and also in business; from when he started Jonac Electricals to popular Ejiks Super Market, Jona Engineering and O’jez which has become a household name after over 17 years, but I prefer to play behind the scene because my brother is a genius.” 

Even playing behind the scene did not stop him from building his own business empire. “I am the C.E.O of Fantex Ventures, we are into household gas and accessories business and by God’s grace; we have carved a niche for ourselves in that sector.”