Genesis Cinemas Begins Pan-African Expansion


Genesis Cinemas has announced its’ partnership with Actis, to launch premium cinema operations in Douala, Cameroon. Over the next few years, Genesis Cinemas will launch operations in several African cities as it strives to become Africa’s first Pan-African cinema chain. Expansion is also underway in Nigeria as Genesis Cinemas will commence operations in its’ eighth and ninth sites from November.

These new additions to the Genesis Cinemas chain are situated in Abuja and Asaba, respectively. The recently built magnificent Gateway Mall in Lugbe; developed by the Novare group, will play host to the second Genesis Cinemas site in Abuja. While the residents of Asaba, Delta State will get to enjoy state- of-the-art cinema facilities in the exquisite Asaba mall, developed by the Resilient Group. As an avid supporter of Nigeria’s film industry, Genesis cinemas’ rapid expansion into new territories, is with the goal of continuing to provide international standard platforms for the exhibition of quality content.