Epara Beauty Brand Debuts


The Nigerian beauty industry has got a lift with the arrival in the market of a new skin care brand, Epara, which is targeted at women of all colours.

Coming into the market with the first luxury skin care products, Epara, which means to cocoon oneself, in Ebira dialect, combines natural ingredients to nourish and protect all kinds of skin.

Speaking on the establishment, the founder, Mrs. Ozohu Adoh, explained that her venture in the beauty industry after years of exploit in the Oil and Gas sector arose from her personal experience in dealing with severe  skin challenge as well as the influx of chemical-concentrated products in the market.

“My personal experience battling tough skin forced me into experimenting with natural ingredients, which did turn out well as my skin turn out to be cynosure of all eyes. Basically, our range of products will tackle all skin issues ranging from    pigmentation, dryness, sagging, discolouration and others.

“Our ingredients are organic and sourced from throughout Africa.  Our range of products are all formulated to address specific needs in a healthy manner. For example, stubborn hyper-pigmentation is a problem specific to women of colour. Most products geared towards this issue are harmful bleaching products. We  found a way to address this problem using natural botanicals combined with micro-algae that specifically seek out the parts of the skin that are over-producing melanin. This leaves women with an effective, completely non-harmful product to treat dark marks, a first in the beauty industry,” she boasted.

Epara brand which presence has been established in countries like Tanzania, Ghana, Morocco and Nigeria has in stock 10-piece skincare products that include: Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Lotion, Moisturizing Face brightening Night Balm, Intense Hydrating Mask, Comforting Body Cream, Hydrating Serum, Eye Serum, Balancing Face Oil and Hydrating Mist.

Away from solving skin problem, the new brand also opens business opportunities for retailers and even users who return empty containers for recycling.