Adama Indimi’s Achilles’ Heel



By Jide Babalola

As daughter of billionaire businessman, Alhaji Dr. Muhammadu Indimi, many in Maiduguri, Abuja and other parts of the country expect her to go with the easy flow but she asserts that is not her way.

Not eager to merely roll with the easy tide, independent-minded Adama Indimi, a graduate of American University of Nigeria with a Master’s degree from Lynn University, Florida prefers the twin focus of entrepreneurship and humanitarian activities, hence a prompt return to Nigeria after graduation.

While she has not yet given serious consideration to marriage, fabricated stories of engagement to a non-existent son of a Niger State politician are among the odd stuff she has taken in her stride without being perturbed.

Her own cosmetics line, ‘Reign by Adama’ is quickly becoming known and she is becoming a social media influencer in her field but wealth and beauty are not part of what the Indimis put in their children’s heads.

In Maiduguri, Kaduna and Abuja, the Indimis are treated like royalty. But Adama prefers to live in the manner of her billionaire dad’s quiet philanthropy. About two weeks ago, the family-owned Indimi Foundation flagged off construction of a N600m solar-powered village consisting of 100 units of 3-room houses for persons displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency in Borno state.

On her own, she passionately emulates her father’s footsteps in opening her heart to the less privileged. Convinced that many underprivileged young girls, especially those among the internally-displaced persons in the North East are like diamonds in the rough waiting for an opportunity to shine; Adama has been setting up skills acquisition centers where workshops are held to impart valuable skills that would empower young women to earn a living and provide for their family.

“Never stop developing yourself, build your confidence, live consciously and stay true to yourself. Help your fellow sister and know that success is for everyone. Everybody has something to contribute to the world, find out what your talent is and go for it,” she tells a group of young girls she is mentoring.

These days, she initiates and supports efforts that encourage young girls and women follow their passion, learn valuable life skills and feel confident about the pursuit of personal success. It is a tough task doing that, especially in northern Nigeria but Adama Indimi is resolutely committed.