What is Your Money Blue Print?



Wealth is learnable, it’s teachable and so is poverty.
Eighty per cent of my coaching on money is about the mindset, if you can fix the mind problem then you can fix the money problem. Our money blueprint like every architectural blueprint of any house is simply your preset programme or way of thinking about money.

Your financial blueprint consists primarily of the information or programming you received as you were growing up from your parents, friends, teachers, religious leaders, e.t.c.

Everyone is taught how to think and act in relation to money, so we learn how to be poor or wealthy from the programming we received at the earlier part of our life, and your financial situation would continue in that state, unless you intercede and revive your mind’s money files.

There are two major ways our money blueprint was programmed:
Verbal Programming: This is one major source of programming, what we hear determines what we think about; what did you hear about money when you were growing up? As a child our primary verbal source of programming came from our parent; what did your parent say about money, you will hear phrases like: there is no money, go and manage it, do you think money grow on tree, we have not been paid, or we are in recession.
Verbal conditioning is very powerful because the words we hear form our belief system/thought process, then our thought process prompts our action and finally the action we take determines the results we get.

Modeling Programming: This is another major source of programming. Children learn greatly from what they observe from their environment; modeling programming like verbal programming comes basically from our parents/guardian. What were your parents or guardians like in handling money when you were growing up? Did they manage their money well or did they mismanage it? Were they heavy spenders or good savers? Were they good investors or they were never good at investing? Were they risk takers or play safe always? Was money consistently there or was it a month end thing mainly? Did money come easily in your family or was it always a struggle? Was the availability or absent of money a source of joy in your household or the cause of bitter arguments?

Our parent’s experiences are a major influence on our belief and habits around money.
Life is like a tree with fruits. If we don’t like the fruit (our results) we are producing, instead of complaining about the fruit (our results) we should rather focus on what is actually creating those particular fruits; That is the seeds (your mindset), So to change the fruits you must first change the seeds.

Ways to Change Your Present Money Blueprint
It has taken a long time programming you to this very point of your life, it will interest you to know that your personal money and success blueprint will tend to stay the same way they are now with you for the rest of your life-unless you identify and decide to change it.

There are two major ways to change our money blueprint:
Invest in Yourself: The first element of all change is self awareness, you must become conscious and observe your thoughts, your fears, your beliefs, your habits, your actions and even your inactions. You must take decisive steps to unlearn all unhealthy financial programming and to replace it with one that is.

Your thinking and beliefs are a critical part of what determines the level of your success. Once you are conscious of your programming for what it is: simply a recording of information you received and believed in the past, when you are too little to know any better.

Investing in yourself is one of the best returns on investment you can have if you want to change your present financial programming. Some of the best ways to invest in yourself are utilizing available training- enroll in business workshop, attend conferences, read books, Find yourself a business coach or mentor who can guide you through the process; (If you can’t find a business coach for now, you can contact us let’s start up a session with you).

Invest in Relationship: As modeling is a major source of programming so also is investing in relationship (mentors) in deprogramming and reprogramming our mind for financial success. Look for mentors who has attain the position in business you wish to attain. The fastest way in locating a mentor is to align yourself to his top most priorities; get to know their business and their personal goals more closely, think of way you can add-value to the relationship. If you have one in mind, start by building the relationship, get to know them.

Remember, the best mentors are busy people, and they may be opposed to someone trying to take up a lot of their time. The best approach is to be persistent and ask for small portion of their time.
Five years from now we will still remain the way we are except for the people we associate with and the books we read.

Our goal is to build and develop the human capacity of the nation one citizen at a time.

– Olodu keonyedi is a business coach and human capacity development consultant. Email: olodukeonyedi@gmail.com Tel: 08037489704