PharmAccess, HFN Advocate Technology for Quality Healthcare


Martins Ifijeh

Pharmaccess Foundation, the Healthcare Federation of Nigeria, and other stakeholders have proposed use of mobile technology as key to unlocking quality healthcare for Nigerians.

Stating this at the HFN conference on Digital Technology for Healthcare at the Medic West Africa Exhibition in Lagos, and sponsored by PharmAccess, they said with mobile technology, the spread of quality health are to Nigerians will be much easier.

The HFN President, Mrs. Clare Omatseye said with mobile technology, patients will be more empowered to disrupt the cycle of poverty as well as gain access to quality health.

“With Mobile Health (M-Health), patients can pay for their health and access information and then use the information when needed.

Unfortunately, most of us are paying out-of-pocket and every day, they get more impoverished and remain in the cycle of poverty. It will enable them check their blood pressure, sugar levels and other checks and keep them out of hospital through preventive approach. For pregnant women, it tells them when they are due for another antenatal, results and when the drugs are ready.”

Omatseye who is also the Managing Director, JNC International cited Kenya where the technology has revolutionised healthcare services.

“M-health helps patients have access to different payment platforms. It can also be used to track and traced data. It can also help patients to have access to telemedicine, where they can access and speak to a doctor even without paying in front of the doctor.”

Speaking, the Country Director for PharmAccess Foundation in Nigeria, Mrs Njide Ndili said: “Our objective is to continue advocacy for the use of digital technology especially using the mobile phone to create access to healthcare especially for the low income communities, and improve efficiency by reducing administration cost of providing healthcare services”

During the workshop, PharmAccess premiered its documentary “The Great Escape” which produced by the Joep Lange Institute in Amsterdam, featuring Prof Khama Rogo, which demonstrated how the mobile phone is revolutionising access to care in Kenya through PharmAccess’ mTiba platform.

It also demonstrated how a low income meat seller, Gladys used her phone to access healthcare in a participating healthcare facility and advocated Nigerians to be more innovative by embracing digital technology.